Friday, July 12, 2013


Hello Music Appreciators! 

This blog will be used to communicate, to listen to musical examples, and to work on special homework assignments and projects over the course of the semester. 

To the right are two songs/music videos about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We have listened to both of these in class, and we have discussed some of the meaning behind the songs. (See comment instructions below to submit your answer) Based on what you know of the messages, and what you know of the music, answer the following two questions. For each question, you should write an answer that is a paragraph in length (3 to 5 sentences). 
  • What is the meaning behind these songs?
  • What do these songs have in common?

If you are unable to view the videos to the right, you may click on the hyperlinks below: 
"Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder -
"Pride (In the Name of Love" by U2 -

These will be graded as follows: 
20 pts. You commented correctly, with your name listed. 
20 pts. You answered the meaning question. 
20 pts. You answered the comparison question. 
20 pts. You wrote 3 to 5 sentences for each question. 
20 pts. You used excellent grammar and spelling, and did not use abbreviations, slang, or "texting language" 

Extra Credit (5 points) - Name an appropriate song that could be used to teach a concept in class. Be sure that the content and lyrics are appropriate to receive credit. Also, find an appropriate video on YouTube that could be used, and include the URL address.

To comment, just click on the link below that says "comments." Then make sure you sign your name by clicking "Name/URL" so that I know it is you leaving the comment. This assignment is due by Monday, August 26. If you have trouble posting, please e-mail your response to me at 

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to think of MLK on August 28, the day that he led the March on Washington and delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963. 

- Mr. Ward

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