Monday, November 30, 2009

Vocal Styles!

Hello Music Appreciators!

This week, you'll listen to three videos that show three singers singing in very different ways.

Write four sentences about each style that you see (you should have a paragraph for each piece, with four sentences in each paragraph):

- One sentence that describes the timbre - 20 pts.

- One sentence that describes the style of the piece - 20 pts.

- One sentence that describes something unique about the singer or the song - 20 pts.

- One sentence that tells what you appreciate about the video - 20 pts.

- Good grammar and spelling, and you refer to each piece by the vocalists' names or the song titles - 20 pts.

Please turn in by Monday, December 7 for full credit.

-Mr. Ward

Here are the URL's, if the videos to the right are not working correctly:

Kongar-ol Ondar (Tuvan Throat Singing):

Franzl Lang - Einen Jodler hor i gern:

Bobby McFerrin - Drive:


Armahd said...

In the Kongar-ol video the timbre is very loud. The style of this piece is unusual but interesting. The way the man holds that one note for a very long time is very unique. I appreciate how the man stood in front of a lot of people amd performed is kind of music.

The timbre of Franz Land- Einen is soft but loud. The style of this piece is old fashioned to me. The way the man changes vibrations in his voice throughout the whole piece. I appreciate how he walks and sings at the same time.

Ashanti sMILEY said...

The first video Kongar-OL Ondar timbre is very happy but serious. The style is very different something i would listen to but Tuvan sounds like the man in the cave. The singer was unique because he knew had to make more than two sounds with his voice. I would be able to apperciate because the man seemed happy about his culture.
In Franz Lang the timbre was also joyful and made you want to dance. The style seemed Scotish because they sounds he made and the way he dressed. Franz Lang was unique because he roll his tongue veery well for those notes and even did a little dancing. I could appreciate this type of music because it makes you want to dance and would bring joy to your day.
In Drive the timbre was sad and sorrowful it seemeed as though as he had been through alot that made him want to get away from everyone. The syle of this piece was like soul it expressed alot of feelings. Bobby was unique because he nade unique sounds with himself. i could very much appreciate it.

Armahd Williams said...

The timbre of the music is slow. The style of the piece is weird but interesting. I think the way he sings with a steady tapping beat in the backgroung witout being thrown off. I appreciate the way he uses hit singing talent to become known.

Ariana Williams said...

The Konger piece is like the piece we listened to in class. The tone of the piece is light. The Konger so many vibrations and that’s what make the style of this piece unique, because all styles of music doesn't have this types of vibrations. When the man sings, it’s kind of creepy that his mouth doesn't really move. I appreciate that this video has a Tuvan singing because I don't know anyone who can sing such a long note for a long time.

The Franz Lang video has a very bright timbre. This style sound different and it could be played on children TV Shows. I appreciate the way he sings. He sang freely and happy. This piece is unique because the Lang tones his voice in and out, which is a difference between some of the other styles of music.

The Bobby McFerrin video the timbre is a little heavier at times and then the tone gets lighter. This style of music is like religious music because it has deeper feelings, but the text of the music isn't necessarily the same. This video is unique because of how he uses his hand and chess as two instruments to make sounds and to keep a steady beat. He also put the mic up to his throat when he started to hum. That was very interesting and unique and why I appreciated watching this video and the music he sang.

Aubrey said...

In the first piece I think that it was a little light. This piece Is like compose. The singer shows that he enjoy singing his song. I like how he use his voice to make all them sounds.

I think this musical piece is improvise. Also I think that he also enjoy singing. The singer voice sound so clearly and understandable. I think that i would dance to this ttype of music.

The man in this is concentrating really hard for he dont make any mistakes. This musical piece is improvise. I really like this musical piece, I could listen to this music all day. The singer doesn't use any instrument at all he use vocals and his body.

Anonymous said...

The Tuvan Throat Sinnging video was fascinating. The way he uses is throat to make those strange yet funny sounds was very unique. I could learn to appreciate because I want to learn how I can make sounds with my throat as well.The style of this is Rissian and the timbre is piercing.
The Franz Lang video was interesting. The way he sung the yotal without getting tongue tied was cool and unique. This is way I could appreciate it. The style of it was sweedish and the timbre was light.
The Bobby McFerrine video was the best of them all.He had alot of improvision going on. When he put mike to his throat and made motor sound was crazy. I appreciated the way he keep it up with new sounds and ways to make his performance more great. The style was jazzish and the timbre was clear and breathy.

Markita Kirkpatrick said...

The Tuvan throat singer has a deep timbre at first, but as the piece continues;it changes. The style is very simple,speaking of the instrument.The singer's voice is very complicated though,on how he varies the pitch from time to time,which is also unique.He managed his voice very well along with playing his instument,which appears to be a type of guitar.What I appreciate about the video is how he wore clothes that most likely represented his culture.
The Einen Jodler Hor I Gern has a light timbre.The style is very festive like.What's unique about the piece is that he walks through an audience while performing the piece.I appreciate is how it's in an open field and everyone's participating.
Bobby McFerrin's piece has a sort of deep timbre.The style is playful and joyful.Something unique is how he doesn't use any instruments,but still has the same affect.It's cool how he uses his hands to make the sound effect of a light drum.Being that I'm familiar with this particular artist, I appreciate how he improvies music without necessarily using instruments,which makes it original.

Aleya Washington said...

The first video. Kongar-Ol Ondar-Tuvan throat singing has a different sound. I would describe the timbre as peircing of the whistling sound he makes as an over tone.This tje Tuvan throught singing style, Khoomei. The way the singer is able to carry four notes at the same time and creat a complez harmony is unique.I appreciate different style of the video, I find it very inspiring.

The second video, Franz Lang-Einen Jodler Hor I Gern has a bright timbre. The style yodeling. The song is very unique because of the way the singer repeats the same note but changes the pitch. I appreciate the enthusiastic feeling and entertainment of this video.

The timbe of Bobby McFerrin-Drive is vibrato. The style is similat to throat singing because it uses overtones. The way usese his chest instead of an instrument to create a beat is unique. I appreciate this video because it is inspiring also.

Riane Nuby said...

The first video Kongar-Ol Ondar had a vibrant timbre. The style of this piece was vibrant. Kongar's music was unique because he could make so many different sounds, just from his throat. I appreciated his music since it's different from the music I hear from my culture. The next piece by, Franz Lang had a warm timbre. The style of this piece was also Vocal. I appreciate this piece because it's different from the music that I hear on the regular. The last which was by, Bobby McFerrin had a warm but vibrant timbre. The style of the piece was also Vocal. The fact that he could just use his throat as an instrument, I thought that was unique because I don't think many people can do that.

Devon Dobbs said...

The timbre of Kongar ol ondar is loud. The stle of the piece is throat singing. This piece is unique because the singer can hold more than one note at a time. I appreciate this piece because it is very different and cool.

The timbre of Franz Jang is loud. The style of the piece is Irish. This piece is unique because it sounded like he was telling a story. I appreciate Franz Lang because it makes me want to get up an dance while litening to it.

The timbre of Bobby Mcferin is soft. The stle is Jamacin. Its unique because he can make so many diffrent sounds with his voice. I appreciate this piece because it was very interesting.

Quentin Pittman said...

The first piece is the tuvan throat singer. It has a piercing timbre to it. The style is probably native to his homeland . What makes him so unique is his ability to make all the sounds at once. I appreciate this because it is not many people who is able to make sounds like that and all at once.

The second piece is the jodler. I say it has a focused timbre to it. The style is german or maybe irish. He is unique because not many people jodle. I appreciate this video because the man has a unique talent.

The last piece is bobby mcferrin. The timbre is mellow. The style is unique to him. He is unique because he is like his own music machine and he is singing to. I can appreciate this because I like the sound of it and you just don't see it everyday.

Montanna Ross said...

When hearing Kongar-Ol Ondar his voice had a vibrating sound to it almost like he was trying to continue the note with out straining it. The style of the piece was in major and it was almost joy full but happy. It was also upbeat. Something that was unique was how he could play an instrument and make a diffrent instrument with his mouth all togheter. I appreciated the way a whole diffrent culture could come and show a diffrent way of song than from the same day to day sound we listen to, and in a diffrent languag!
When i heard the peice Franz Lang the timbre was joyful and nice for a festival. The style was probly a native song, passed down and practiced to the last minute of the performance. Something unique was how a man could yoddale and make perfect ot my ear pitches, high and clear. I appreciate how we could look into a diffrent countrie and culture to witness such a way of song.
In DriveM oh my gosh i was speech less. It was so incredable how he could sing and countinue the steady beat and the new ones. The tinbre of the piece was soothing and a nice stedy flow. The style was diffrent and steady, very original. The uniqueness was the whole pice that i really liked how he was able to make such a crazy so real sound of a motercycle. I appreciate how he was ablle to show that little sounds of your own body could become such a wonderfule piece of music!

Torry Walker said...

The timbre of the throat singer was an unfocused one. This piece of music has a lot of repetition in the chords that he is playing while he is playing, with a few cadences.One thing unique about the singer is that he can create two sounds at once with his throat. I appreciate the fact that he wasn't embarrassed to come to our country and play his style of music.
The timbre of Franzl Lang can be described as warm and rounded. This piece is a has one singer with no harmony singing in the background and the style seems to come from somewhere in the east because yodeling is associated with many eastern countries. One unique thing is that he can change the pitch of the notes he sing very fast and it still can sound smooth. I appreciate the fact that he other people were involved in the music the whole time because their clapping provided the beat to the song.
The timbre of Bobby McFerrin was sometimes dark and at other times unfocused. The piece contained repetition and a beat boxing feel to it with ad-lib. One thing unique is that he made an echo sound with his own voice in the song. I appreciate that he made the entire song using his voice and his body as the instruments and it sounded good.

Donald Morgan said...

The timbre of this piece is Japenese. The style sounds like it is polyphonic because he is making multiple sounds with his throat.This piece is unique because most styles of music don't have people who does kinds of things with their throat. I appreciate it because it shows me a different style to music.

The timbre sounds like it is from Scotland. The style like it is homophonic. It is unique because the sound is different and every time he comes to ann ending of a verse he says a sort of something that is a unique sound. I appreciate it because it is a unique style.

The timbre sounds like it comes from R and B . The style sounds like it comes from R and B. I appreciate this because he is making so many sounds without any instruments . The style is considered polyphonic.

D'Angelo Hooks said...

In Tuvan Throat Singing it seemed as if the style would be a traditional folk song. This song has a vibrating type of timbre. The thing that I appreciate about this song is that it shows another type of culture and what their music is like. The thing that is unique about this song and the artist is that he was able to play an instrument and sing at the same time and he was able to change is voice and vibrate it.

In Einen Jodler Hor I Gern it’s also a traditional folk style song. The timbre of this song is joyful. This piece is unique because the man was able to make his voice make different sounds at once and he was able to change his pitch so smoothly. I can appreciate this music because it shows another side of music in another culture.

In Drive by Bobby McFerrin the style is more of a modern hip-hop style. The timbre of this song is a very mellow. This song and bobby are unique because he was able to make all of the different car noises with his mouth. I can appreciate this song because it sounds more like the music that I listen to today and it is another form of hip-hop.

aaron booth said...

The timbre of Kongar throat singing was vibrato and echo like. The style of this piece is polyphonic and a solo. This piece is unique because no could ever expect for a person to sing 4 notes a time.
The timbre of the Franz Lang piece is joyful.The style of this piece is homophonic and a solo. This piece is unique because it is so different from what I am used to and its hard and difficult to sing in my opinion.
The timbre of Drive is informative and entertaining. The style of this piece is homophonic and a solo. This piece is unique because there are so many people who can't do this successfully and he was able to pull it off.

Aontis Larry said...

Kongar-ol was a goo piece because when he was singing his voive was vibrating. The tiembre was sharp. I ppreciate this piece because because we have been learnig about new cultures and this was cool.

Franz Lang had a joyful tiembre. The style sounded like Irish music. It was unique becauseit sounded like he was telling a short story. I apprecitate this song because ikind of like Irish music.

The Bobby Mcferrin sond was great i like how he was smackking his chest to make different sounds. The timbre was focused. What was unique was that he made all different sounds by htting his chest. The style was like a smooth Jazz. What i appreciate is how the style of ths song and Booby Mcferrin

Fuischa said...

The timbre of the Konger ol video is very loud and exciting. it has a a somewhat serious mood to it at times. The tone is light and bright, it is also very vibrato.

The Franz long video has a bright timbre as well. All throughout the song a happy mood is portrayed. This is something you could listen to inorder to cheer you up.

The Bobby McFerrin video is kind of semi-dark. It is unique how the man uses his hands and body to portray a beat. Overall the music is very different, than what I am use to listening to.

Armani Kelly said...

In the first video the timbre was seemed to be loud and very unique. I think the piece was polyphonic. I was amazed by his vocals. The mmod seems to be happy.I think the song was improvised because his voice kept changing.
In the second video i think the timbre was joyful and happy. I think the piece was Monophonic because it had one singer but the yoideling was polyphonic. The mood was peaceful and happy. I think this improvised also because of the yodeling.
In the third piece i think the timbre was solemn.I think the mood was dark. I think piece was improvised because the sound and tone changed many times. I liked it.

Monique Carpenter said...

The Tuvan singer timbre is low.The style of this piece is weird.The unique thing about the singer is how he uses his voice to sing.

The Jodler timbre is smooth.
THe stlye of this piece is happy,Jolly.The singer is unique because he can hit some very high notes.I can Appreciater this piece because it has a meaning to it.

The Bobby Mcferrin timbre is loud and rough.THe style of the pice is happy. The Singer or bewat maker is unique because he can do awesome things with his thraot.I can appreciate this piece i can sit there and listen with out laughing.

Anonymous said...

T Carter said....
The timbre of this song is piercing. The stlye of this song resembles a Country like rhythm. The unique thing about this singer is that he can vocalize two to four notes at a time. I appreciate that he was being benevolent and shared part of his culture with us.

The timbre of this song was very light. The stlye of this song sounds like it has a bit of disco in it. The unique thing about this song is the way he rolls some of the notes off his tongue and even has a dance to go with the song. I appreciate the way he was able to keep my attention to the point where I felt like dancing with him. The song really makes you want to square dance or something.

The timbre of this piece was vibrato because of the way he vibrated his words and sounds. The style of this song is blues. The unique thing about this singer is the way he made his own beats. It was really cool how vivid he made them sound. I appreciate he was able to get in front of a big crowd and put on such a extraordinary show.

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