Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Extra Credit Blog: Christmas

Hello Music Appreciators!

Thanks for coming and checking out this extra-credit blog. Above, you have three excellent Christmas music videos. Please watch all three in their entirety, and enjoy the music.

Then write one paragraph for each video (three paragraphs total). Write about what makes these videos enjoyable. Use terminology that we have learned during class. You will receive more credit with more time and thought you put into your paragraphs.

You commented on the blog - 10 pts.
Paragraph about Silent Night that shows insight and uses music terminology - 30 pts.
Paragraph about O Holy night that shows insight and uses music terminology - 30 pts.
Paragraph about 12 Days of Christmas that shows insight and uses music terminology - 30 pts.

Please comment by Monday, December 13 to receive extra credit.

-Mr. Ward

Here are the URL's, if the videos above are not working correctly:


Nathan Barnett-Bishop said...

In Silent Night I felt a sinse of tranquility and serenity. The instrumentation was very intresting, the trumpet player put a bowl in front of the horn and the drumer was using some sort of brush to make the sound. The singers voice was very beautiful. The vibrato in her voice matched with the mood of the piece and how she could hold her voice was very nice. The beat was hard to find sense I could only hear it in the brum like sounds.

Jennifer Hudson's piece was pleasing because her voice was in perfect unison with the instrumentation. When we get around 2:25, the instruments changed which mades things a little better. The choir was very good addition. Jennifer's voice elevates in a perfect way without it cracking or sounding nazel like. I want to bring back the choir because they added a great sound to Jennifer's voice.

The 12 days of Christmas looked like a hot mess in the beginning. However, the addition of many other Christmas charols was really good. The way they escalate their voices without mistakes is perfect like most choirs. I thought the way they sang without instruments of any kind was very impressive though. This reminds me of the 12 Pains of Christmas for some reason.

asante neron said...

Hello, the first video was enjoyable because her singing was like a word painting and she was painting a peaceful picture.
The second video was enjoyable because she was holding her notes she was singing to create the mood. The mood was happy.
The third video was enjoyable because it was homophonic and how they mixed alot of songs together into one.

Ayries Grays said...

Silent Night was a calming and mellow piece. It used a wide variety of insturments that gave the song a jazzy mood. I also like how they mixed opera with jazz. This gave the music a bright timbre. Lastly, I like how Wynton plays the saxophone by dragging out the notes by waving the end piece in and out.

O Holy Night was enjoyable because of the use of hip-hop artists. This can appeal to a more younger crowd. Also, I like the exaggeration put into the music. Jennifer Hudson puts alot of effort into singing the song that she sings. She doesn't just sing the sing in a boring, uncaring way.

12 Days of Christmas was the most exciting. It had a polyphonic texture. What made it enjoyable was the mixing of all types of Christmas songs. The melodies of each sung were also very nice and were very bright.

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