Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog #6 - Keyboard Instruments

Hello class,
This week, you will be listen to THREE videos to the right.

Write one paragraph about each video. In each paragraph, describe the timbre of the instrument and the style of the music played in the video.

Here are some good timbre words:

light or heavy; dark or bright; breathy; punchy; clear; focussed or unfocussed; piercing; harsh; warm; mellow; resonant; flat; vibrato (do you hear it vibrating?) or no vibrato

20 pts. You wrote a blog!
20 pts. You described the timbre of all three instruments.
20 pts. You described the style of the music played.
20 pts. You used good grammar when writing.
20 pts. You wrote three paragraphs.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Monday, September 28 for full credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the right, here are the URL's for the videos:


Christina Wallace said...

In the first video with the organ, the timbre is dark and heavy. It reminds me of the traditional Catholic Church hymns. The organist is playing the piece, and seems to enjoy it. There is much vibrato throughout and it is resonant. I can hear some melodies repeat themselves and the end sounds different than the rest of the music.

The musician playing the harpsichord feels her music. She is really in tune with what she is playing and how she plays it. The timbre is punchy and bright. It sounds like a classical piece of music and I hear some repeats in the music. The meter generally stays the same throughout; however, I think there is a bridge in the near end and the time signature changes here, but returns to the original meter later on.

The child prodigy story was extremely interesting. I am impressed and inspired at the same time. The timbre of the pieces she played was clear and focused. It was also warm and there was no vibrato. She uses improvisational works for her pieces so there was constant syncopation. It kept me interested because I didn’t know what was to come next!

Adontis Larry said...

The first video with the organ had a warming timbre and the style of music that was played was classical.

The Harpsichord was had a focused yet vibrato timbre. The type of Music that was played in this piece was also classical music.

The last video with the Emily was a great video because it reminds me of the movie that we are watching now. She probably is a little Mozart but the her songs had a mellow timbre the kind of music that she played was classical and jazz.

D'Angelo Hooks said...

In the first video the instrument that is being played is an organ. The organ is a bigger and deeper form of the piano. The timbre of this piece is a light, bright, and vibrating. The style of the music is gospel.

In the second video the instrument that was being played was a harpsichord. To me the harpsichord kind of sounded like a piano. This piece had a light, clear, focused timbre. The type if style in this peace is a classical peace.

This video is different from the others because it a documentary for this little girl that can play the piano and she is only six years old. The style that the little girl plays is a classical piece. The timbre of this song is a light, focused, warm timbre.

Devon Dobbs said...

The first video with the organ was good. The timbre of the instument was unfocussed. The stle of the piece was the kind you would most likely played in church, so it would be gospel.

The second video was even more fasinating than the first video. The timbre of the piece was very bright. The style was like what you would hear in a happy movie.

The last video was the greastest of them all. The little girl is the next mozart to me. How many six year olds do you know can play and write music for the piano. The timbre was mellow. The style of the music depends of how she fells.

Riane Nuby said...

In the first video the instrument that was being played was the organ; the organ is very similar to the piano except it has a more harsh sound to it. The timbre of this was dark and heavy.

The next video was the harpsichord; the harpischord also is similar to the piano because they're both keyboard instruments. The timbre in this piece is light and bright.

The last video was the child prodigy story. The timbre was bright and focused.

Monique Carpenter said...

The very first video is very clear. He's taking his time and you can hear it vibrating a little. It's mellow and very slow. The music has a repeating melondy.

Monique Carpenter said...

The Harisicord it very pincy and light. She is also flowing with the music. Its soft and theres no vibrato.

Monique Carpenter said...

The 6 year old girl can play very well. It has a vibrato. Its mellow and kind of flat just a little.

fatleggs said...

The organ sounds much deeper than the other two instruments. The timbre of the music sounds heavy, dark, and sounds as if it is vibrating. The keys at the bottom makes the organ sound deeper and more complex. The style of music is gospel.

The second video shows that the muscian had very good coordination and concentration. The timbre was light, bright ,clear and focused. The harpiscord had no vibrato.

The little girl is amazing. The timbre of the music is it is light ,bright and clear. The style of music is classical.

Aubrey said...

The first video was a very beautiful piece. It shows that he put his heart and soul in this piece. The timbre was dark and heavy.

The harpichord is like a piano type with a different sound of the push of the keys. The tempo of the song is fast and it paused at a couple points of the song. The timbre of the song is focussed and breathy.

The little girl playing the piano made very beautiful music. In the video of her playing the piano you could tell that she loves what she could do. the tim bre of the little girl playing the piano is light, bright, and warm.

Armahd said...

The timbre of the little girls music is focused becaused she is so young and she has to be 100% focused when she's playing the piano. Her Music style is unique because non of her siblings can play her style.

The timbre of the girl who is playing the Harpischord is light. Her timbre is light becasue she's playing light and quick musical tones.
I think the man's timbre is resonant because of the way it sounds. His style is uninteresting because it has no flavor to it or tone.

Aleya Washington said...

The organ is heavy and dark. It Tas also pucnhy and resonant. The music sounds like sonething you would hear in a church.

The timbre of the hapischord was heacy and bright. The timbre aslo seem unfocused. The style is classical.

The piano is heavy and bright. It was also warm. The style of the music played was jazz and classical.

Montanna Ross said...

When the man was playing the oragn it sounded like the notes were smushed togheter. I noticed through out the pice it was heavy and flat. Also the piece seemed unclear.
When the young girl played the harsicord it was light and bright. To me it sounded as if i came frowm a romantic or scary movie seen. I also hear a small amont of vibrato.
With the young girl i thought i really was just an act. But when she did play it was clear soothing and bright. I think she can really make something of herself when she is older.

Markita Kirkpatrick said...

The video's sounds was focused and it had a dark and heavy timbre.I noticed a repeated melody also.I didn't hear a vibrato.
The second video had an extremely light sound to it.There wasn't any repeated melodies or a vibrato.The musician was playing pretty fast.
The third video was very impressive of the six year old.The timbre was warm and mellow and she played very well.I didn;t hear any repeated melodies.

~FUISCHA~ said...

The first instrment that was played was the organ. The organ had a dark and heavy timbre. At some points the piece seem to be harsh. You were able to hear the organ vibrate throughought the entire piece. The style that was being played was gospel.

The second instrumnent was the harpsichord. The harpsichord had a light, bright, and clear timbre. The music seemed to be punchy, but clear. The piece had a vibrato feel too it. The style that was played was classical.

The final video of the child prodigy was very interesting. Emily played both Jazz and classical music. The timbre of her music was bright, clear, focussed, and light. The piano was not vibrato. The way she played the piano, made her music warm and light.

Torry Walker said...

The organ has a deep sound and also has a heavy timbre. The type of music he is playing sounds like a church song. It sounds more of a Catholic religion than contemporary gospel. Every note of the organ has the duration of however long he held it down. The sound of the keys never faded out but remained strong.

The harpsichord has a mellow and focused timbre. The piece of music she is playing doesn't appear to be classical because there is no simple melody. Although, the music seems to be rooted in the classical time period. I would say the music is of the Baroque period. The harpsichord has the same dynamics no matter how hard or soft she presses the key.

The timbre of the piano is light and warm. The piano can accompany feelings and emotions of all kinds because the dynamics can change. She is playing classical music in part of the video, as well as jazz. She plays many different styles of music.

Ashanti said...

The three videos were enjoyable and suprising. The first video timbre seemed unfocussed and didn't have a repeated melody. It also sounded like gospel music in the early years when drums wasn't used adn pianos were the main instruments.

In the second video it was very focussed, clear, and bright. It sounded like classical music with a very fast tempo.She had a very Ssteady melody it was constantly repeated.

The third video was the video I was most amazed at the fact that a six year old could do the things she could do. She remains me of Mozart who composed music at an early age. The timbre is very light and focussed.

Anonymous said...

The piece with the organ has a heavy and dark timbre. The pitch of the organ is very slow and has a slow tempo. There is vibrato in the piece. The song sounds like a church piece. There was also some recurring melodies.
The second piece the harpsichord also had vibrato. The timbre to me was focussed and light. It sounded like a classical piece of music. There are a few times where the music repeats itself.
The last piece was the child prodigy. It had a warm and focused timbre. There was no vibrato in this piece. She was excellent though and showed great talent. She reminds me a little of Mozart and how he was a prodigy. This piece was also classical.

Armani said...

The first piece played by the organ was very dark. The song was also heavy. I think that type of music was Gospel or Classical.The organ was the deepest of all the music. The organs timbre was also vibratant.
In the second video the timbre was very bright and light.The music seemed very happy.The person was very focused.The timbre was also very clear. The piece was kind of fast also.
The last one was very soft. Thats great a girl her age can play that well.The style the girl plays is blues and classical as the reporter said. There wasnt much music playing to say more about her. She is avery good player though.

Aaron Booth said...

The organist is enjoying playing the music. The organ requires more movement than the harpsichord or the piano. The timbres in this piece are light,bright,punchy,clear,warm,mellow and vibrato. The style of music is Traditional Catholic hymns. There are some repeated melodies in the piece as well.
The harpsichord is different from the organ because the sounds are completely different. The harpsichord so more electric than the organ. The harpsichord player seems to be enjoying her piece of music and this is definitely obvious. The timbres in this piece are warm,light, clear, mellow, resonant and vibrato.The entire piece seems to have repeated melodies.This piece of music is definitely a classical piece of music because the meter does not change. The melody is simple in this piece which is another reason this piece is classical.
The piano player is definitely a child prodigy. The timbres in all her pieces are usually clear and focus. This is an inspirational story and i enjoyed listening to her play. She might just be a female modern day Mozart.

Evelyn Sims said...

In the first video of the organ the timbre is light and bright. It sounds as if the music is vibrating off of the walls of the room. The organ requires a lot of consentration and the organist seems at home and comfortable with the instrument. The style of the music is gospel.
The harpsichord player of the second video seems very focused on her performance and doesn't miss a beat. The timbre is light and bright with a higher sound to it than the organ. The style sounds more like that of an organized symphany or orchestra, classical.
The piano player Emily Bear is definitely and without a doubt a child prodigy. All of her pieces' timbres are clear,focused and what I've heard so far, bright.

Tashneqa Carter said...

The first video of the organist shows that he put a lot of effort into his work while enjoying it. The timbre is light, bright and I hear a lot of vibrato. The style is church-like, gospel.
The second musician is very focused on her piece. The style is classical with little to no vibrato. The timbre is light and bright like the organist's piece but it also has a higher sound.
The last musician is surprising and incredible. They are right to call her a child prodigy. I enjoyed listening to her play because her music is light, warm, focussed and bright and she enjoys playing the piano.

Quentin Pittman said...

The first piece was the organist. It has a dark timbre. It also has the loewst pitch out of the other three. There is also vibrato in the song. It also sounds a little like church music.
The next instrument is a harpischord. It has a bright and focused timbre. There is also vibrato. The piece is classical also. The melody is simple and easy.
The last piece was the child prodigy. This had no vibrato in it. The timbre was light. It was an excellent piece.

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