Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Music Appreciation Blog #3 - Woodwind Instruments

Hello class,

This week, you will be listen to FOUR videos to the right. As you listen, you should think about how the timbre (the tone color) and pitch (highness/lowness) of the instruments are different. Which one creates the highest sounds? Which one creates the lowest sounds?

Here are some good timbre words:
light or heavy; dark or bright; breathy; punchy; clear; focussed or unfocussed; piercing; harsh; warm; mellow; resonant; flat; vibrato (do you hear it vibrating?) or no vibrato

Write four sentences: One sentence about each instruments that describes how it is uniquely different than the other three.

You WILL be graded on your spelling, punctuation, and use of complete sentences. Each sentence will be worth 10 points for a total of 40 points.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Tuesday, September 8 for full credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the left, here are the URL's for the videos:

Have a great day!
-Mr. Ward


Christina Wallace said...

In the first video, the pitch starts out high, but later alters from high to low. Next, the performer beat boxes on the flute. The timbre is resonant, vibrato, and punchy. It sounds different than the other instruments because it mixes a little freestyle as the song progresses.
In the second video, the oboe’s pitch is high and kind of piercing. The timbre is light. It is different from the other pieces because it is more of a cheerful song.
In the third video, the clarinet’s pitch is low, but gets high. It is different from the other performances because the performer introduces himself, and the pitch keeps alternating from low to high constantly, unlike the flute’s video. The timbre is warm.
In the fourth video, the bassoon’s pitch is low. The timbre is dark and clear. It sounds boring. It is different from the other pieces because it was the lowest and didn’t change its pitch too much.

Armahd Williams said...

I kind of like the BeatBoxing Flute because I can understand what he's doing and I could beatbox too but without a Flute.

Adontis Larry said...

all four of these solos where great the flute beatboxing was like a hip-hop/traditonal type of solo.this instrument was differnt because it was more of a higher pitch than the others.

The OBOE solo was a deep tone and was had a fast tempo it sounded like Latin jazz/blues the solo reminded me of like a song of Aladin.This instrument is different because its a bigger instrument.

The blue clarint solo was a jazz and the pitch when from low to high and was diffrent because it had different tempos.

The Basson solo was nice sounded kind of Eygptian and throuhout the whole song the pitch was deep

donald morgan said...

Whats up Mr.Ward i finally got onto the blog and the first guy with the flute was very good.

See ya

Devon Dobbs said...

The first video was great i really like the beatboxing in the vedio. The timber was not that loud. the pithch was kind of low. The oboe solo has the loudest pitch. The blue clarinet solo mixed it up alot, the pitch started low the at some points it rose like a police sirens.The last vedio had the lowest pitch and the lowest timber.

Aleya Washington said...

The flute had a high pitch its timbre was brght, harsh, punchy, breathy, vibrato, and unfocussed. The oboe was high pitched, the timbre was light, bright, breathy,clear, focused,warm, with no vibrato. The clarinet had a high and low picth its timbre was light, bright, clear, and warm. The bassoon had a low pitch and a heavy, dark. breathy, mellow, vibrato timbre.

Markita Kirkpatrick said...

The first video has the lightest tone, and the beatboxing made it very original. The tempo was sort of fast. The second video was had more of a classical tone, and the temp was slow. The third video's tempo was slow as well, but seemed a bit flat. The last video's tone was deep, such as a tumbone. It had kind of a mellow tone to it.

Torry Walker said...

The flute has a warm timbre and had the highest pitch than the other instruments. The timbre of the oboe is light and it seems to take the most of one's breath. The clarinet's timbre is clear and it has a very wide range of pitches. The bassoon has a vibrato timbre and contained the lowest pitch of all instruments.

armani kelly said...

All the pieces were great. I am sure that the first was the highest. I noticed that all these instuments are some of the highest intruments. The The obe was the second highest. The clarinet was the thirdn highest and the basson was the last.

Montanna Ross said...

The fire bird playedy by the basson started out lighy and clear. The way it was played I began to think like day dream. Also the woman was not breathy.What made it unique from the others was how it continued at the same pace almost same notes.
The rhapsoay played by the blue clarinet was a nice mellow but pitchy sound. The boy playing it was cool because the made it seem enjoyable. Also the sound reminded me of Aladin. What was unique about it was the way he could play the high low pitches with a nice flow.
The oboe solo played by rimsky was light focused and a little breathy. The guy who was playing the song seemed like it was not rehursed. Also the melody was not clear. What made the performance unique was the way it went up and down.
The flut playing a song and beatboxing at the same time was very interesting and diffrent. It begain light than got heavy it also was bright and unfocused. When the beatboxing was almost over it seemed to get mixed up sloppy and unclear. But what amde it unique was the beat boxing. Beatboxing alone is hard but to do it while playing an instument, wow

Aaron Booth said...

I personally like the clarinet because I played it and the it did incorporate a lot of pitches. The flute was very smoothing and the timbre had this like warm breezing feeling to it. The timbre for the rest of the instruments in general was relaxing and the pitches either low or moderate.

Quentin Pittman said...

The flute has the highest pitch than the other instruments.The oboe is light and also had a very high pitch. The clarinets pitches are different and has clear timbre. The basson has the lowest pitch out of all of them and vibrato timbre.

D'Angelo Hooks said...

The flute was different because it had a higher pitch than all of the other insrtuments and it could change quicker. The oboe was different because it had a lower pitch but it was still had a fast tempo. The clarinet was different because it can have a low or a high pitch and its tempo can change as well. The basson had a low pitch and its tempo was slow.

riane nuby said...

I enjoyed all the pieces, my favorite piece was the beatboxing flute. The flute had the highest pitch of them all, and the basson had the lowest tiimbre.



~Fuischa~ said...

The oboe solo has a breathy and wearisome sound to it. The sound of the instrument stays clear and focused. The oboe has a bright and light timbre, but it does not have a vibrato. The clarinet is somewhat focused and clear. It is semi-light and does not have a virbato. The bassoon is dark, heavy, and breathy. The bassoon's sound stays focused, and it definitevely has a virbato sound to it. The flute it light, warm, bright, breathy, and high pitched. It too is semi-focused. The flute has a virbato sound as well.

Evelyn Sims said...

The flute has a timbre of spring because it has a warm feeling and it has the highest pitch of all four videos. The man playing the flute is very creative and is very passionate about playing the flute and beatboxing. The Oboe is extremely light and it's played in a very interesting way. The man playing this instrument seems as though he is out of breath. The clarinet goes from high to low and is very transparent. The man playing this instrument plays it very vibrantly. The bassoon has a low pitch and the timbre is vibrant. The woman playing this instrument is very dull and personally speaking, she almost put me to sleep.

Tashneqa Carter said...

The flute definitly creates the highest sound pitch. The sound is bright, a bit punchy, is warm, clear(except when it morphs into the beatboxing part) and has some vibrato. The man seems to be out of breath with the effort and he brings a uniqueness to his music by freestyling and having fun with the music. The oboe has a light but also high sound. It is clear, resonant and has no vibrato. The musician clearly marks his signature by giving the piece a warm mellow atmosphere. He moves with his music and remains focused during the entire performance. The clarinet is both dark and bright and slightly unfocused. The sound starts low and gains momentum, irregularly going from the lowest to the highest pitch making a slightly piercing sound. During his performance the musician seems to be both untouched and moved by the music. The bassoon solo is unoppossed for the position of having the lowest pitch. The sound is focussed and mostly mellow and resonant. However, it is also a bit boring and the musician makes no attempts to bring her musical piece more to life.

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