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Blog #2 - Brass Instruments

Hello again,

This week, you will listen to the FOUR vidoes to the right. As you listen, you should think about how the timbre (the tone color) and pitch (highness/lowness) of the instruments are different. Which one creates the highest sounds? Which one creates the lowest sounds?

Here are some good timbre words to use:
light or heavy; dark or bright; breathy; punchy; clear; focussed or unfocussed; piercing; harsh; warm; mellow; resonant; flat; vibrato or without vibrato (do you hear the vibrations?)

Write four sentences: One sentence about each instrument that describes how it is uniquely different from the other three.

20 pts - Students commented correctly using the blog, and included their name.
20 pts - Students comment on pitch of different instruments.
20 pts - Students correctly comment on the timbre of different instruments.
20 pts - Each instrument is described to show how it is unique.
20 pts - Students used correct grammar and spelling.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Monday, January 18 for full credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the left, here are the URL's for the videos:
French Horn:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB7FX1TBv34


Michael Staples P.8 said...

Taps was a war song.This song is used in funerals of soldiers that died in the war.

Super mario bros is jazz. It sounds like it was played with a jazz style.

Hunters moon sounded like jazz but it was softer than regular jazz.

Jeanette Greene said...

The trumpet piece had a very light and kind of piercing sound to it.
The tumba piece was very heavy, but it wasn't heavy and dark, it was actually heavy and bright because of all the staccato notes being played. the piece was a little breathy, but there was a lot of vibrtao.
The french horn's piece was light and very mellow with the slurs, but at times it was vrey harsh when the instrument hit high notes.
The tombone piece was heavy, but it wasnt dark becasue of the very fast tempo and high pitches and there was a lot of vibrato. Then it does have dark parts when they go really low but overall it is bright.

Na'Jae said...

In the trumpet video it has a light and dark tone. It is very focused it doesbt have different sounds interferring. The trmpet only has one sound to it. It is piercing because of how high the trumpet plays the note. The trumpet sounds vibrant I can hear a vibration in this video

In the tuba video it has a heavy and dark sound. Its clear because you can hear the melody he's playing. Also it is kind of not focusses because he's playing different notes. The tube is also vibrant as well. The trumpet is different because it has a heavy tone from the trumpet.

In the french horn video the french horn has a light and bright tone. The french horn is clear you can hear the notes. The man is also playin the french horn in a mellow and warm way. The french horn is also vibrant. It is different from the rest because the instrument has a very high pitched tone.

In the trombone video it has a heavy and dark tone. The trombone has a harsh sound because it has a annoying but enjoyable sound. This instrument also has a vibrant sound because it sounds similar to a car horn. This instrument is different because the sound of the trombone is alot heavier than the rest.

Michael Staples P.8 said...

The pitch of taps varied because it has two low pitches and one high pitch at the end of each measure and it had a light sound because it sounded like there were alot of high notes.

Super mario bros had a breathy timbre because the tuba player was beat boxing when he was playing and the pitch sounded low.

Hunters moon was a high pitch song and the timbre was was punchy because when he played the high notes the speaker made a shaky sound.

Stars and stripes was like the Beetles twist because it had a fast tempo and both of the timbres had vibrato.

Dimitrius Harrington said...

Dimitrius Harrington

For the trumpet i think it had a very low pitch.I also think the timbre of Taps- trumpet was blue because the song had a sad melody.The trumpet is unique because of the number of pitches you can play with it.

For the Super Mario Bros. i think it had a very low pitch. I also think the timbre of this piece is red because the song had a very excited/happy melody to it.The tuba is unique because of how low its pitch is. Its very interresting to play a theme song of a video game with a tuba.

For Hunters moon played by the french horn had a very high pitch. The timbre of Hunters Moon was yellow because it had a very calm melody. The French Horn is unique because it could be played in a variety of ways and it has a high pitch which is good for marching bands.

For Stars and Stripes played by the trombone had a low pitch and a high pitch. The song was played at a very fast pace. Thhe melody of this song started off fast then went slow then went fast again. The timbre of this was orange and red because this song had a very happy melody to it. The trombone is unique because it could be played at a low pitch and a high pitch as well.

laqueshacoleman said...

The trumpet was heavy mellow. I also heard focuss and breathy sound also. No I didnt hear vibrations innthis piece.
The tuba was heavy and breathy also.The sound was dark and unfoccussed also. It was pierce I could here a vibrating sound.
Now the french horn was more calm and had a light sound to it but it was darl also. It was warm and mellow and a little flat to me.It was focussed to.
The trombone was differnt and was more heavier abd faster to. It was unfocussed to me very vibrato and a little clear.
The trumpet was the highest to me and the lowest would be the french horn. They all are unique in their own way because they have different pitches and sounds and highnesses and lownesses.This shows that even thought the instruments come from the same group diffrence sounds can and are made

pervisedmonds said...

Pervis Edmonds
I notice by the trumpet that its pitch was high, but it was also smoothing, it also feels soothing, and also focused I can tell that it is focused because how the person plays each note slowly. It is unique because a Trumpet is commonly used for Jazz music such as the era of ragtime, or tracks of Stevie wonder, the person. Used the Trumpet as a mellower vibe such as the music from Maroon5, or the famous musician Marvin Gaye, but I noticed this sudden vibration sound coming from each note. When I heard the vibration I only hear it during short notes, but I hear less when the musician plays long lasting notes during the solo.
When watching the tuba video I heard that the pitch was lower than the other instruments that I heard playing this song, and I notice that the musician took several breaths after each verse of the song. I think that he took more practice with breath control when he playing the song. Also the timbre was focused, and heavy, but his instrument was unique because from my experience I heard this similar song on guitars, recorders, and drums. So in my opinion I think playing this song on tuba would be difficult, but this person did the impossible or something that another person wouldn’t prefer to do.
When I hearing the French horn play and the piano I can tell that the pitch of the French horn was high, but the piano was low. The timbre of the French horn was focused, but it wasn’t punchy even though the piano had a similar calming melody. What made this person instrument unique was that he used two instruments, but he could balance the sound and melody between them. Also he took a pause for each instrument as he played the song which made it look more demanding.
When I heard the trombone I noticed that the pitch was higher than the other instruments that I heard, and I wondered was the pitch louder because it was played in the group. Also the timbre was focused, strong, bumpy and it was a bright sound that sounds like a circus. This instrument was unique because it was played in group which made it more exciting and original.

Danielle Brooks said...

The trumpet was very heavy and bright with tones.The tuba was light and mellow becasue the sound didnt really change.The horn was light but pitchy at some point, but it had vibrato. The trambone was heavy, light, dark,bright, and had vibrato.

Marvin X said...

The Trumpet is different from the other Brass instruments mentioned because it has a higher pitch than the other brass instrments, and its sound is bright, bumpy, its vibrato, and very piercing. The tuba creates the lowest sounds, it its dark and breathy, and has a smooth sound. The French Horn has a low sound, but not as low as the Tuba, it is a little heavy, dark, not as breathy,its clear, and smooth. The trombone has a similar sound as the French horn, I think their pitch is similar

Kayla Roulhac P8 said...

I think that the trumpet has a high pitch and the timbre is light and focussed. The tuba has a low pitch and a dark timbre. The french horn has a low pitch and a mellow and warm timbre. The trombone has a low pitch and harsh and piercing timbre. It also has alot of vibrato. The four songs are different because the intruments have different moods and represent different situations. The trumpet depicts some type of death, the tuba you might hear on a cartoon, the french horn might be playing at a resturant, and the trombone you might hear on a show like Tom and Jerry.

Steve Moody, P.8 said...

The trumpet has a piercing and clear sound to it. The tuba has a more heavy and flat sound that gives it a distinct quality of sound. The french horn gives you a breathy and resonate tone. The trombone has a punchy and bright tone that I really like. Even those all of these instruments are brass instruments they all definitely have their own timbre and pitches.

nirah gooch said...

The song stars and stripes played by the trumbone sounds like a song played in a bad or like it could be the national anthem.

The song Supe Mario Bros sounds like a theme song.A theme song to modern video game.The trumbode has a very high tone.

The song Hunters Moon played by the french horn sounds like elevator musicIt has a low melody and pitch.

Jovon Franklin said...

Trumpet- This instrument was heavy and dark. Though piercing, the overall tone was depressing.
Tuba- This was very breathy, warm and was without vibrato.This instrument was lower than the trumpet.
French Horn- This intrument was clear, light and consisted of vibrato. Pitch between trumpet and tuba.
Trombone- This was light, clear and was considerably loud. The music played would be heard mainly at a carnival or circus.

makayla hart said...

The french horn has the lowghest sound it. It makes me think of something i would hear in a drumline outside.Ti does not sound very smooth but I like the way is sounds.It sounds very flat. The trombone or the trumpet has the highestsound. I think the trombone is played mostly indoors. This sounds piercing but yet smooth. I think the tuba is also one of the lowest and I think you have to have slot of energy to play this instrument. I think all of these together would sound nice ,smooth,but yet piercing.

Travis said...

1. The trumpet solo can be described as clear because you can hear all notes perfectly.
2. The tuba solo canbe described as breathy because while the player is playing you can hear him take little breathes.
3. The French Horn solo can be described as clear,but a little bit more of bright because when the player starts to play he starts low,but when he plays more he gets louder and then he plays a more calmer tune.
4. The Trombone piece can be described as mellow because it starts off with a mellow tune, but it goes into a excited part of the piece.

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