Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog #5 - Non-Traditional Rhythm Instruments

Hello class,

This week, you will watch just two videos you see to the right - another stomp video, and a video of the Blue Man Group.

As you listen, think about the rhythms that you hear and see. Use at least 5 of the words you see here. When you use them, make sure you show that you understand what the words mean.
Write 2 paragraphs (at least three sentences) - one about Stomp, and one about the Blue Man Group.

Make sure to comment on this blog by Monday, February 8 in order to receive full credit.

20 pts. You wrote a comment!
20 pts. You used correct grammar, punctuation, capital letters, etc.
20 pts. paragraph one about Stomp (at least 3 sentences)
20 pts. paragraph two about the Blue Man Group (at least 3 sentences)
20 pts. 5 of the above words were used correctly

If you cannot see the videos, here are the URL's
Blue Man Group:


Danielle Brooks said...

The STOMP group used accent on the 2 and 4 beat. While they were playing you can hear tutti bacause the are all together. The also use polyrhythm towards the end. It was all cordnated.

The Blue Men had ostinato in the beginnig of the song.The meter was equal. The were also very cordnated on how to use the instruments they played.

Marvin Marshall said...

In the stomp video performance, is polyrhythmic ecause they play a different beats. I also hear syncopation by the metal instruments. Also the players are playing in unison.
In the Blue man group piece they group was playing in unison. Also there was syncopation with playing the same beat with accented sounds. Also there was no improvisation.

Dimitrius Harrington said...

Dimitrius H.

For the Stomp Out Loud I thought it had a polyrhythm to it. The group was also very coordinated in their performance. Also for the most part of the song the beat was ostinato, there was alot of repeated rhythms.

For the Blueman Group i thought their performance was very coordinated. For the most part the beat was stady, and the rhythm had an ostinato in it. Also all of the instruments were syncopated throughout the performance.

Michael Staples said...

Stomp out loud was intersesting because they played with syncopation. Alot of the beats were sycopated because while one person played a steady beat, another person was adding rhythmic patterns to it. Every one had coordination because they all kept the rhythm going.

Blue man group kept a steady beat through the whole song. Also the first part of the song was a solo because there was only one person playing. At the end the meter changed when the other people started to play the drums in the background.

laqueshacoleman said...

The Stomp out loud piece is a four meter rhythm because every four beats the same beat is repeated. Polyrhythm is also present because different beats are played at one times and together. This piece doesn't sound that improvised and could have been praticed before it was played. Also the coordination in this piece is altogether at the right time.
The Blue Man Group has an accent meaning when it first begins its a little loud then it gets low and repeats its self.. No polyrhythm is present and all the beats and meters are in a coordinate form. Eight meters are present in this performance. This piece could be considered ostinatoed because every eight beats the same piece starts over and is at a fast tempo so the beats can be considered. short

pervis said...

Pervis Edmonds
When I heard the STOMP out aloud I heard the man in the back playing an ostinato with the drums a ostinato is usually played on the drums because its repeated sound keeps an ensemble of sound together. I also heard the rhythm of the claves which created an imbalance of syncopation within the other instruments. The woman with red garbage can made an accent with the beats by starting a steady beat of her own. At the start of the video there was a meter of duple and triple, but the coordination came in with the trash can tops I notice how they hit the tops of others to keep coordination.
When I heard the Blue Man group the man on the far right created a solo by hitting the several pipes by himself because a solo is a musical beat that is played by one person. I also heard a polyrhythm which came from the man on the far left shifting the pipes to create the two rhythms. Also their rhythm was based on a meter of four, and they created syncopation when the drums started a different beat. Similar to the STOMP video their drums and the blue man’s drum sticks they both create an ostinato during the middle of the song and the end of the song because these instruments made sure that the ensemble stayed together.

makayla hart said...

The blue man group goup did not use ostinato.They were very coordinated and together. At the begining they were polyrhthmic.

The stomp group had a meter of 4 at the begining.They used lots of syncopation.In the middle they were tutti.

Jeanette G said...

The Blue Man Group's performance started off that one rhythm. The performance involved a solo by one of the blue men, but in one way it might not have been considered a solo because he had help by the other men with creating the pitches. The song used an ostinato, and that rhythm that did reoccur was repeated by the guitar and drum in the background. The song was not polyrhythmic because the other accompaniment played the same rhythm the blue man was playing.
The Stomp performance was very well coordinated. You could tell they were coordinated because the performers were doing several different things at one time and never missed a beat. The song had polyrhythm. There was syncopation all through out the song.

Nirah Gooch said...

The Blue man group sounds very interesting.They yuse ostinato alot.They also use facial expressions to help.

They use many other styles.Other than ostinato.They use tuti,meter,beat,and poly rythm.

Stomp out loud was more street wise.They act as if their performing for publc.But have became famous by it.

They use many styles.These styles give their music a good sound.They use meter,beat,tutti and ostinato and improvisation.

jasmine colbert said...



Alexzandria M. Jones said...

The musical piece for STOMP begins real low then moves to osinatio with each section having a chance to have a solo in the spotlight following by some slow improvastion having a call and reponse section, and to me a slow and steady beat before moving to syncopation.

The blue man group's musical piece was my favorite and have some off and on features of syncopation to me before starting with a fast and steady beat, the players of the blue man group had good ear to eye coordination with the ability to play their instrument but look at each other of the crowd. Somethings the accent would appear on either the strong or weak beat and i believe the piece was measured in 4/4 with the strong beat falling on the second and fourth measure.

Steve Moody, P.8 said...

Instantly I can tell that the STOMP video has a meter of 4/4. There is a definate polyrhythm going on as well. You can see that all of the group had to be very coordinated for the sound to come out as music, and not just a bunch of household items being banged together.
At the beginning of the Blue Man Group performance one of the Blue Men plays a solo on the white pipes. In his solo he may have have use improvisation, but still kept to his time signature. The meter seems to be an 8/4, since the drummer's cymbal plays 8 times in a four count. I think I personally liked this performance more than STOMP.

Kayla Roulhac,P8 said...

The stomp out loud video is in tutti. The song definately has coordination because all of the music flows together and is timed perfect. Throughout the song most of the artists are playing in unison.

The blue man group has ostinato
because the thing is being played. The song is also polyrhythm because alot of different rhythms are being played at once. This song also includes some syncopation.

Anonymous said...

L'amar Greer

The Stomp performance had alot of rhythm. At some point towards the end, the tempo accelerated. Although there were multiple performers, the sound was in tutti.

The Blue Man group is very synchronized with their coordination. Their is a solo drummer in this performance. However, the others tend to change his pitch while he plays.

Travis said...

1. Stomp Out Loud is syncopated because the beats are off the regular beat. It is polyrhythmic from barrels to garbage tops. They are all coordinated as well because they come in when they are supposed to.

2. Blue Man Group is also syncopated because if you listen you can hear the beat and then the irregular beat.

Makeda Allen said...

The stomp out loud group is polyrhythmic due to the different beats u hear. Also it has coordination because of how it flows at times. Which brings me to syncopation because at times the beats are off.

The Blue Man Group had asteady but loud and soft beat to it. It was cool.The tempos were steady it had a nice beat.

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