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Your assignment is to listen to the three versions of "Yesterday" that are listed to the right.
As you listen, think about how the interpretations and arrangements are similar and how they are different.

In paragraph one, write about specific ways (instruments, dynamics, tempo, mood, etc.) that the three versions are similar and different.

In paragraph two, explain which version you like the best, and explain WHY you like it the best. Be specific in your reasoning of why you prefer one version over the rest.

25 pts. Paragraph one has 3 to 5 sentences that describe how the different arrangements are similar and different.
25 pts. Paragraph two has 3 to 5 sentences that explains clearly which version is liked, and there are clear reasons on why.
25 pts. By the way that you discuss the music, it is clear that you did listen to each entire video.
25 pts. You used excellent grammar and spelling in your comments.

Be sure to comment on this blog post by Monday, March 1st for full credit!

If you are not able to open the videos, here are the URL's:
Paul McCartney (the Beatles) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONXp-vpE9eU
Boyz II Men - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgtByWlBSdA
Michael Bolton - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAjqxnLlQN8


Na' Jae said...

In the Boys to Men Video the mood is very sad. Also it sound like there were no instruments, like it was acapalla. It has a slow tempo and it also sound like it has three harmonies. In the Paul McCartney video it has a medium tempo the mood of the video also sound sad. It has a low dynamic. You could hear a acrostic guitar in the song also. In the Video by Michael Bolton the instruments you could hear is a violin and drums. The mood was also sad as well.

I like the Boys to Men video better becuase its more R&b then the rest. Also becuase I grow up on Boys to men. The video has a slow tempo and the people who sung it added feelings and meaning to what they was sayin. Which is another reason why i like this video or song and it really didnt have instruments so it didnt take away from the voices. This is why I like this song.

Kayla Roulhac said...

All thrre versions of the sing were great. The slowest out of all the songs was Michael Bolton and the fastest was The Beatles. Boyz II Men didn't use any instruments in their music while Michael Bolton used the guitar and piano and The Beatles used the drums and guitar. The mood of all three was similar; sad.

I like Michael Bolton better because he showed the most emotion. His voice also sounded better with the music playing. He also played the music well and sung the song with great emotion.

ColemanLaQuesha said...

The three versions of the song "Yesterday" had all the same lyrics but different tempo's, dynamics, and moods. The Original version of the song had a medium tempo and used the guitar and drums. The harmony was made up by the voices and instruments. The second version sung by Boys 2 Men had no instruments but had a duet with a olto voice and soprano voice with a slow tempo. The dynmics went up and down occasionally. The third version sung by Michael Bolton had a slow tempo and was played with the piano and guitar. They differ more than they have similarities to each other.

I like the version sung by Michael Bolton because I liked the tempo and the way he had passiom while singing it. I also like the instuments better because they kind of match up with his. His versdion of the song sound more modern day than the other two version.

Marvin Marshall said...

These arrangements are similar because they are all both perfomed in the same tempo. They are different because they have different instrumentation. The Beatles version contains guitar and violins, while the boys to men version only has vocals, and the michael bolton version has strings, guitar and piano. Another difference between the two songs is that the Boys to men contains syncopation while the other two dont
I like the Boys to men version because its kind of innovative only using vocals. I like how they use the bass vocalist as a instrumental. I also like how the song is syncopated throughout the song.

Travis said...

These three songs of "Yesterday" are definitely different. They are similar as well to. They are different because first when Paul McCartney sings it he uses an acoustic guitar to accompany his singing.And when he sings the tempo is a regular tempo its not to fast or to slow. Also when Paul McCartney sings there is an little of terraced dynamics because at some points his voice gets higher but also gets lower. When Boys II Men sing it the mood is a calm mood. Only one thing is different about their singing and that is their tempo their tempo is a slower tempo than when Paul McCartney sings it. And when Michael Bolton sings his version of "Yesterday" the mood is a sad mood. The tempo almost matches the tempo of Boys II Men. There are breaks in the song when he is singing it and also terraced dynamics because when Michael Bolton starts singing hesings low but later on the song his voice gets louder. They are similar because when they sing there alittle of terraced dynamics.

The version that I liked best was the Boys II Men version. I liked their version the best because they remade the song into a newer today version. And because the their mood is calm so when I listen to it I feel calm. Their tempo is slow so you can foolow the lyrics.

Michael Staples said...

In each of the songs the lyrics are the smae. Also the tempo and melody are similar. The artists that remade the songs are from different genres of music though. For example boys II men is a R&B group but Paul McCartney is a pop or rock singer.

Of each song my favorite was the boys II men version. I am more familiar with boys to men. I also lke the genre they sing. One characteristic i like was how they harmonized the song. I also like how they didn't need music in the background when they sang.

pervis edmonds said...

Pervis Edmonds
When I heard all three versions I noticed that the version by Boys II Men had an arrangement that had a calmer mood than The Beatles’ version I think it’s like that because the Beatles had instruments with more bass. Also the tempo of The Beatles’ version was faster than Boys II Men version that’s true because the Boys II Men used more vocal styles instead of instruments. The dynamics of Michael Bolton began low, but he uses a louder tone when emphasizing certain words in the song, but the Boys II Men had several men doing different dynamics at a different pace. Also the mood from Michael Bolton was sadder than The Beatles version because he use piano more than a bass guitar.
In my opinion the best version of Yesterday was by Boys II Men I prefer them because they brought a more enlighten mood to their version. I think so because their dynamics were louder than the ones used in The Beatles and Michael Bolton I think it’s because both musicians wanted a depressed mood. Also I like how they were the only group that only used vocals instead of their own instruments like the other versions who used pianos, and bass guitars.

Alexzandria Jones said...

Each version, of the Beatles song " Yesterday" was performed with two being very different from the version we heard in class. The first video with Sir Paul McCartney from the Beatles sounds exacctly the same from the version played in class except for the fact that one was played live and the othe was not. In this video McCartney begins with a smooth mellow mood and tempo, to go along with the acoustic guitar he was playing and changing voice dynamics. In the second video with Boyz II Men the sound was similar to the first video, with the addition of some harmony and no instruments, this song was performed acapella,also there was a coda present at the end of the song.The final version with Michael Bolton similar to the first videom and unlike the second was peformed live, but added a piano in the background.
The video that I like the most was the Boyz II Men version because it added more of an R and B flair to a traditional pop song and also makes it more related to the common person with the infliction of the differneces in each memeber inflicting differnet emotions.

Danielle Brooks said...

All three videos had a sad mood to them and used the original words of the original song. They all had a slow tempo but some were just a little bit faster then others. Boyz II Men had no instruments. The other two versions had one main instrument carrying the melody.

I would have to say my favorite one is the Paul Mccartney video. I liked the way his voice was sounding when he said," why she had to go i dont now she wouldnt say." How he said that repeats in different parts trought out the song. He sings the song with emotion which makes it believable.

Dimitrius Harrington said...

Yesterday by the Beatles had a very sad mood to it. It also had a slow tempo to it. Boyz to Men had a sad mood ti it. The song they performed was an acapella, and there also was monophonic in the song. Micheal Bolton also had a sad mood, and slow tempo as well. The only difference in his song was that he used a paino as his main instrument.

Out of all the versions of the song I like the one performed by Boyz to Men the best because it was an acapella, and all of the singers came together in unison. I also like the sounds that was in the backround of the song. I thought it was very unique

Steve Moody, P.8 said...

All three of the videos play similarly and different at the same time. Every video carried the same mood of sadness, through the instrumentation and the way they sung. They all had soft dynamics for the instruments and for the different people who were singing, with no terraced dynamics. They are different because the Boys II Men song had no instruments, and the original only used an acoustic guitar. The Michael Bolton song had different insturments including the piano. Then, the original had a more moderate meter, while the other 2 versions had a more slowed down meter.
I personally liked the original song better. I liked it the most because the harmony of his voice and the timbre of the guitar really match the mood. I would have chosen the Boys II Men version but I didn't like that it was only voices and no instrumentation. The version Michael Bolton sung wasn't that good to me because I didn't like the timbre of his voice. The original had an overall good sound to me and that's why it is my favorite.

Jeanette said...

Paul had an acoustic guitar and violins, which were in the background. The dynamics were pretty much consistently soft to medium with a moderate tempo, which made the mood somewhat calm. Also the mood seemed sad because of the tone in his voice was very deep and he was really dragging out the notes. The Boys to Men's arrangement was ac apella, but in the middle and part of the ending of the song some of the singers provided some background sounds to accompany the solo singer. The dynamics were medium. The tempo was also slow. The song had a lot of harmony between the voices. The mood of this song was also slow. Michael Bolton's song has piano, guitar and violin accompaniment. The tempo was very slow. Michael's voice had a little country accent to it and him singing with a slow tempo mad the mood very sad and gloomy.
I believe that Paul's was the best. I didn't like the slow tempos of the other songs, and his voice's timbre was light and I really like that. The mood he gives to song really matches the meaning, and also you can really hear the sorrow in his voice while keeping that moderate tempo, and not making the mood depressing, likes the other songs did. This is why I like Paul's version of the song best.

makayla hart said...

The first video was live but it sounds different from the last video.The first video was slower than the last on but the last one used more instruments.The video by boys to men was much more recent sounding.The last video sounded sad and I thought it was country.(The style)

I liked the second and last video . This was because they were more recent.I think they both used different instruments but both based on the same theme.

Anonymous said...

L'amar Greer

In Paul McCartney's version of "Yesterday", there was only one instrument being used which was the acoustical guitar. The mood like in the other versions of this song, was sad. The dynamics of Paul's voice were moderate throughout the song. At certain points he would sing softly; and then in others he would sing louder with emphasis. The tempo was moderate as well. However, the Boys 2 Men version was had no instruments. It had a slow tempo. The dynamiics were predominantly soft except for the solo. In Michael Bolton's version, there was a piano being played.
Honestly, I prefer Michael Bolton's version of "Yesterday". His voice tends to stand out more than the other singers. He frequently used terraced dynamics with his voice. His transitions with the softness of his vioce to loud served as an effective contribution to this version.

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