Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Extra Credit Blog: Gershwin and Copeland

Hello class,
This week, you will be listen to TWO videos to the right.

Write one excellent paragraph that compares the two pieces. In your paragraph, describe the style of the music played, how the two pieces are different, and how they are similar.

10 pts: You wrote a blog.
10 pts: You compared the two pieces.
10 pts: You contrasted the two pieces.
10 pts: You contrasted the two pieces in a different way.
10 pts: You wrote at least 5 excellent sentences.
10 pts: You used excellent grammar and vocabulary.

This is an extra credit assignment. You cannot lose credit for posting. You can gain up to 60 points.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Monday, March 8 to receive extra credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the right, here are the URL's for the videos:
Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue:
Copeland, Appalachian Spring:


LaQueshaColeman said...

The song composed by Copeland called Appalachian Spring was a classical piece. The characteristics that prove it being classical includes the viloin playing throughout the song, the cadences that occured in the middle of the piece and the dynamics that are present almost throughout the song. The piece composed by Gershwin called Rhapsody In Blue was an opera style and had a violin present just like the Copeland piece. The piano was in present in this piece but not in the first on. It seems like the piano is the main instrument in this piece rather than the violin. Dynamics and candences are present in this piece as well.

Na'Jae said...

In the Appalachian video the sound of the music that is being played sounds classical and romantic. In the Gershwin video it also sounds classical as well but more jolly and joyful.These two pieces are different becuase in the Rhapsody in blue video at the end you could hear theme and variation becuase the lady was playin and the violins was playing a rythem as well. Also in the Copeland video you could hear terraced dynamics. The two pieces are similar becuase they both use modulation in there own way.

Dimitrius Harrington said...

Appalachian spring and Rhasody in the blue are different in many ways. One way they're different is the tempo of the songs. Appalahian spring had a verys slow tempo to it, while rhapsody in the blue had a mdeium tempo to it. Rhasody in the blue also used ABA while Appalachian spring used theme& variation. Another difference in the two songs were the timbre and the mood of the songs. Appalachian mountain's timbre was light and it had a sad mood to it, and Rhasody in the blue timbre was dark and had a excited mood to it.

These two pieces are similar because they both are American operas. Also in both of the pices theres modulation in the song.

Kayla Roulhac said...

The two videos have differences and simiilarties. The style of the Copland and Gershwin is american. The copland piece seems to be inspired by a European composer. The Gershwin piece however seems to be influenced by jazz. The pieces are similar because they both have an American feel and they both have an orchestra with lots of strings. The difference between the two is that in the Gershwin piece the piano has a solo.

Jeanette G said...

In Copelands' performance the strings began the melody. In Gershwin's compostion the piano began the melody then it was passed on to the stings for a solo. In Copeland's piece the tempo was slow and in Gershwin's the tempo was fast and quick.THe dynmacics of Gershwin's were very loud and in Copeland's they were medium loud.

Marvin Marshall said...

The two pieces Rhapsody in blue, and Appalachian Spring are alike, and different in many ways. They are alike because they have rugbato,the tempo changes in both of the pieces when the mood changes. They are also alike because they have a full orchestra. They are different because of instrumentation. Rhapsody in Blue has a full orchestra, but has the addition of the piano who has a lot to in this song as solo instrument, and being a complement to the band. They are also different because I hear more syncopation in Rhapsody in blue than I hear in Appalachian Spring.

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