Monday, May 10, 2010

Extra Credit Blog: Vocal Styles

Hello Music Appreciators!

This week, you'll listen to three videos that show three singers singing in very different ways. This is extra credit - you can actually earn up to 100 points extra credit - an entire assignment!

Write four sentences about each style that you see (you should have a paragraph for each piece, with four sentences in each paragraph):

- One sentence that describes the timbre - 20 pts.

- One sentence that describes the style of the piece - 20 pts.

- One sentence that describes something unique about the singer or the song - 20 pts.

- One sentence that tells what you appreciate about the video - 20 pts.

- Good grammar and spelling, and you refer to each piece by the vocalists' names or the song titles - 20 pts.

Please comment by Monday, May 17 to receive extra credit.

-Mr. Ward

Here are the URL's, if the videos to the right are not working correctly:

Kongar-ol Ondar (Tuvan Throat Singing):

Franzl Lang - Einen Jodler hor i gern:

Bobby McFerrin - Drive:


michael staples said...

The timbre of Kongar-ol Ondar was dark. The style was throat singing, and it is a style that was an old art form when a siner vocalizes two to four notes at a time. It is unique because the singer can sing more than one note at a time. I appreciate how I was able to learn something about Russia's music.

The timbre is light. This style sounds like they sing with their tonsils. This is unique because it's unlike any other music.
I appreciate that i was able to find out that i dont like yodling.

Bobby McFerrin's song had a light timbre. He had a bebop style. This is unique because he doesnt use instruments. I appreciate how he is creative with his music.

LauqueshaColeman said...

The man Kongar-ol Ondar who sung the first piece ahd a timbre of light and bright. The syle of this piece could be considered as Irish traditions because of the instrument played. The things that were unique about the singer and song would be his appearence being Japanese playing an Irish tradition song and also the clothes he wore. One thing that i appreciate about this piece is his seriousness and decicatuon in singing this song.
The song sung by Franzl Lang has a bright and heavy timbre. The stlye of this piece coiuld be considered country because of the words and the instruments used. This piece is unique because of the clothes the man is wearing and the accent of the words. I appreciated this sing because its of a different culture and I got a chance to listen to it.
The timbre of the piece Bobby Mcferrin is singing is dark and heavy. This is a freestyle song without any music. Yhis piece is unique from the others because it doesn't have any music except for him patting his hands. I appreciate this piece because it gives me an opportunity to not just listen to the music but the lyrics he's singing.

Dimitrius Harrington said...

For the Ol Onadar video I thought the timbre was light, and sharp. The style of the song was very cultural. One interesting thing about Kongar is that he could vocalize up to 4 notes at a time.

For the Franzl Lang video I thought the timbre was light, and smooth. The style of the song sounded like it was a Yodle from Scandanavia. One interesting thing about Franzl Lang is the way that he can yodle.

For the Bobby McFerrin video I thought the timbre of it was dark, and heavy. The style of the music sounded like it was a soul or a jazz song. One interesting thing about Bobby McFerrin is that he can make sounds with his mouth while singing at the same time.

Marvin x. Marshall said...

Kongar-Ol Ondar contains various timbres because he makes various sounds,but I mainly hear a high piercing sound in the beginning. This piece is a traditional russian piece, and the T.V. host says its Baroque so its based on a traditional music style. This is unique because the singer uses his throat to sing instead of using his diaphragm which is interesting because when you sing,youre supposed to use your diaphragm. I like this video because the artist uses an old style and tries to make it new.

Franzl Lang's piece contains a high voice with vibrato. This is unique because its in a German Language. This piece was performed with a band on a German talk show, I belive the singer was yoddling which is a traditional singing style in Germany. What was interesting about this piece was the yoddling because the timbre was unique. I appreciated this piece because it shows some cultural norms in countries outside our own.

The Bobby McPherin performance, had a low timbre, but still contained different sounds. This piece is more 21st century/modern piece, it was probably a cover from a previous song.What was unique was the echoing in McFerrin's voice. I appreciate the quality beatboxing in this video because beatboxing is hard

Jeanette Greene said...

The first piece by Kongar-ol Ondar had a very heavy rough timbre. Also at times the timbre was piercing especially when he hit the high notes or maybe it just sounded piercing because he was singing two notes at a time so it was a lot of dissonance. The style is Asian folk. This singer is unique because he can sing two to four different notes at a time. I appreciate the fact that he went on the David Letterman show to sing his unique style of music because it is an American show.
The piece sung by Franzl Lang had a light timbre especially when he was yodeling. The style is European Folk. This singer is unique because he is a man who can hit really high notes. I appreciate the fact that people in that European country are actually cheering on a man that is just is singing really high pitch notes.
The third piece, sung by Booby McFerrin, was very unique. The timbre of that piece was clear and heavy. The timbre was heavy when McFerrin when he sang low notes and when he put the microphone against his neck. The style is pop. What is unique about this singer is he can make many different noises with his voice and he has a good impression of a car. I appreciate that McFerrin can sing a whole song ac paella but still make the sounds that the original song had.

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