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Hello Music Appreciators!

This blog will be used to communicate, to listen to musical examples, and to work on special homework assignments and projects over the course of the semester.

To the right are three music videos that have very different styles. Watch each video, decide what style you think the music is, and provide two reasons why you think it falls into that style category. When referring to each video, do not call them "video 1", but call them by the title of the song, or by the musician's/band's name.

If you are unable to view the videos to the right, you may click on the hyperlinks below:
Switchfoot - "Only Hope"
Toby Mac and Kirk Franklin - "Lose My Soul"
The Beatles - "Twist and Shout"

These will be graded as follows:
20 pts. You commented correctly, with your name listed.
20 pts. You made an educated guess about the style of each artist.
20 pts. You used two reasons to back up your choice of style.
20 pts. You made reference to band names and/or song titles.
20 pts. You used good grammar and spelling.

Extra Credit (5 points) - Name an appropriate song that could be used to teach a concept in class. Be sure that the content and lyrics are appropriate to receive credit. Also, find an appropriate video on YouTube that could be used, and include the URL address.

To comment, just click on the link below that says "comments." Then make sure you sign your name by clicking "Name/URL" so that I know it is you leaving the comment. This assignment is due by Monday, August 23.

Have a wonderful day!

- Mr. Ward


Ayries Grays said...

August 18, 2010

MY prediction on the style of the song "Lose My Soul" by Toby Mac, is gospel.I believe that the stlye is gospel because the lyrics state that he doesn't want to lose his soul and they say a prayer at the end of the song.

As for "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles, I believe that the style is pop. This song consist all different types of instriments such as the guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Also, this tempo is up beat and it is a popular song.

Lastly, i believe that " ONly Hope" by Switchfoot, is song in the style of blues. The artist focuses his lyrics on deep emotions and using soft melow instruments.

Myles alston said...

Myles Alston
Only Hope, Switchfoot

This style is rock and roll because of the instruments used. I would call it more modern rock because of the use of other instruments like violins.

"Lose My Soul" Toby Mac

This style is Gospel hip hop because even though there are drums and guitars it is computer made. and it has R&B in it.

"Twist and Shout" The Beatles

Classic rock and roll all the way this is because of the instruments and style of the lyrics. This is also one of the most famous rock and roll bands of all time as well.

Aijalon Jaddua said...

"Only You" I believe that it is more rock/pop music. I think this because of the tone quality of his voice and also the instruments used and also the time period in which the song was created.
"Lose My Soul" I think the style is sacred/Gospel because its very uplifting and it speaks of God and it has ornamentation, a bridge, and a special bridge.
"Twist and Shout" The style of this piece is rock and roll because of the instruments used and the mood of the song and also the tempo which is upbeat and lively and fast.

Robins_Fanita said...

For the song "Only Hope" by Switchfoot I think that the style is calming music. I think it falls into this style category because the song is soft. Another reason is the song is like serene and peaceful.
For the song "Lose My Soul" I think the style is a mixture of Hip-Hop and R&B. I think it falls into this category because in the song they starts off rapping but started singing in the middle. Another reason i i have to support my style is the beat is fast , and most rap songs and some r&b songs have fast beats.
For the song "Twist and Shout" by the beatles I think the style is Rock & Roll. I believe that because of the melody and all of the instruments.

Simone Fields said...

The song by Switchfoot seems to be alternitve. I think it falls under that because thats the feel of the song to me, also the way he sings it sounds like he's saying he's praying to God, but he's mumbleing to much for me too hear him.

The song by Toby Mac seems to be a song that relates to gospel. I feel that it seems that way to me because around the middle of the song they start talk to God. Also there saying that they dont want to hold on to material things because they dont want to lose themselves.

The song by the Beatles definatley falls under Rock and Roll. I feel that way because Rock and Roll is what the beatles are all about, also the way they are singing it gave the feel of Rock and Roll

TEVIN KING said...


Jada Griffin said...

The first song, "Only Hope" by Switchfoot is a rock based style. My reason for saying this is because their tempo goes from slow to fast. It has a jazz feel or something at the being and when I looked up rock music it said that rock is a combination of blues, county music, jazz, and gospel music. Only Hope sound like rock and blues.
Toby Mac's song "Lose my Soul" is a gospel style. From the way it sounds Toby Mac is rapping about not losing his soul and being consumed by material things. He's basically prayering to God for help.
The Beatles song,"Twist and Shout" in my opinion, is pop/rock. They have a unique sound that consist of high tempo, upbeat, style of music. That is why I think it's pop/rock.

Xavier said...

Xavier Smith
I would say that Switchfoot plays a form of Rock (maybe Alternative). Rock songs don't always have to have only electric guitars. They can use acoustic guitars, like in the song, "The Memory will Never Die" by Default

"Lose My Soul" is an R&B song. Like most R&B songs, this contains rapping and singing, but it has the R&B feel to it in the drums. Plus, R&B uses other instruments, such as guitars, in the song "No Scrubs" by TLC.

"Twist and Shout" is a Rock n' Roll song. This song has a little of the call and response feel to it. It's like the old school Rock n' Roll because of the lead singer and the back up singers, along with the instruments used.

Asante Neron said...

My name Asante Neron and my educated guess of the style for Only Hope by Switchfoot was christian rock n roll.My two reasons for that is because you heard the guitars playing, and because he kept saying he was going to pray. My educated guess for Lose My Soul by Toby Mac was gospel mixed with rap, because in the song you could hear a little rapping about god. my educated guess for Twist and Shout by The Beatles was rock n roll because you heard the guitars and the druims playing and cause of the way The Beatles was songing to the song.

Helen McNeil said...

The style of music that Switch foot play in "Only Hope" is rock. My reason for choosing rock as the genre of music in "Only Hope" is because, Switch foot is a rock band and the music has a pop-punk vibe throughout the song.

The style of music that Toby Mac play in "Lose My Soul" is R&B Gospel. My two reasons for choosing R&B Gospel is because, it has rap, blues and gospel beat within the song and the lyrics to the song has rap and it's the type of piece that you'll probably hear on a gospel radio station.

The style of music that the Beatles play in "Twist and Shout" is rock and roll. My two reasons for why I've chosen rock and roll as the music genre for "Twist and Shout" is because, The Beatles are known for playing rock and roll songs and throughout the song it has a hard upbeat vibe.

Anonymous said...

This is Nathan Barnett-Bishop. "Only Hope", by Switchfoot was sort of hard to describe in lryics because I understood only few words. I would say this song is alternative because it has a little bit of everythng besides rap, hip hop, and pop. It has orchestra due to the violins. A bit of country because of the guitar the singer is using. I would also say it has small amount of blues because the lyrics and the title sound depressing.

Nathan Barnett-Bishop said...

The song,"Only Hope" was a little confusing because I could hardly hear what the singer was saying. I would say the style was alternative because it had a few styles into it. I would say that it has country, due to the guitar, orchestra because of the violins, and blues becuse some of the lyrics and the title was depressing.

Nathan Barnett-Bishop said...

"Lose My Soul" sounded clear and the message was obvious. I would say the style would be gospel and a small piece of pop. The gospel style came from the lyrics mentioning God and their soul. The pop stlye was because I heard sounds of instrments but didn't see them.

Alonzo Burns said...

The style of Switchfoot is a type of Soft Rock. It falls into this style category because they are playing non electrical guitars, and this music has a slow tempo.
The style of The Beatles is clearly Rock n Roll. It falls into this category because of the upbeat tempo. They also use multiple giutars and a drumset. The style of "Lose My Soul" is a type of gospel rock. It falls into this category because of the religous message in the lyrics along with the rock elements in the beat.

Nathan Barnett-Bishop said...

"Twist and Shout" was a good song because it was loud and clear. I would say this song falls under the classical rock genre because they're basically playing with three of the same instrument.It's also sang by a band with a main singer and backup singers.

Nathan Barnett-Bishop said...

The trombone's tone of quality can turn heavy or light, the pitch turns low or high, both the pitch and timbre are controlled by the handle on the end. The french horn has more of a mellow quality of sound and the pitch is a sort of medium sound. The tuba has a heavy tone of quality and has a very low pitch. The trumpet has a focused, piercing tone with a pitch that can be high and low.

joshuan mcneal said said...

The style of " Twist and Shout " was Rock n Roll; but also it was a great song. I thought this song as fun and excitement. It had a high pitch and would make you dance.

creshaya said...

I think "Lose My Soul" is R&B. It was beimg sung and then again they were talkin in some parts. But also i think it has a little gospel from the lyrics they are saying and meaning of the song.

creshaya said...

"Only Hope" is a country song. The artist is singing with a guitar and in the background you can hear a violin. The song is sung in a slow and sooft way.

Simone Fields said...

The first song I heard sounds like something you would hear at a circus or somthing it had a meadium feel. I say meadium because it didnt feel heavy like the tuba and it definately didnt have a light feel the way the trumpet does.

The french horn was a little bit lower than the trumpets. It had a deep vibration and the Trumbone didn't have the same feel as the French Horn.

The tuba was the deepest of all the instruments because it it the hardest vibration.

The Trumpet was the ligest of them all because it didn't have a very ahdr vibration and it felt like i was at a funeral.

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