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Hello again,

This week, you will listen to the FOUR videos to the right. As you listen, you should think about how the timbre (the tone quality) and pitch (highness/lowness) of the instruments are different. How are these instruments different from each other?

Here are some good timbre words to use:
light or heavy; dark or bright; breathy; punchy; clear; focussed or unfocussed; piercing; harsh; warm; mellow; resonant; flat; vibrato or without vibrato (do you hear the vibrations?)

Write four sentences: One sentence about each instrument that describes how it is uniquely different from the other three.

20 pts - Students commented correctly using the blog, and included their name.
20 pts - Students comment on pitch of different instruments.
20 pts - Students correctly comment on the timbre of different instruments.
20 pts - Each instrument is described to show how it is unique.
20 pts - Students used correct grammar and spelling.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Monday, August 30 for full credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the left, here are the URL's for the videos:
French Horn:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB7FX1TBv34


Ayries Grays said...

The trombone instrument is a heavy, dark and breathly instrument and also has a low pitch. As for the french horn, to me it sounds mellow, warm, and clear. Compared to the trombone, the French Horn to me sounds like it takes less breaths. The tuba is a breathly insturment, like the trobone, but has a higher pitch than the trombone and a lower pitch than the french horn. The timber of the tuba is mainly to me flat, heavy, and vibrato. Trumpet is a high pitched, warm, light, and mellow instrument. The trumpet is close to the same pitch as the french horn, but is in a lower pitch than the horn.

Robins_Fanita said...

I think that the Trombone is vibrato and punchy. Unlike the other instruments I think that it is in the middle of low and high pitched, but the others are either high or low pitched. In my opinion the French Horn is a more focused and light instrument. Unlike some of the other instruments it is more mellow and relaxed. On the other hand the Tuba is more of a heavy, dark,and hard intrument. I think the Trumpet is high pitched and unlike the Trumbone i think that it is more focused.

Myles Alston said...

Myles Alston
The Trombone is like the rest of these instruments a brass instrument that you use the buzzing of your lips to play, but its different because you have to change a slide to change the pitch. The French Horn is a valved instruments you have to press keys to change the pitch, and you can change the sound by placement of your hands in the bell. The Tuba is a very low brass instrument and its the bass and power to the brass section, and usually played slow. The trumpet is like the highest pitch to the brass section and very easily manipulated with the melody.

Helen McNeil said...

Stars and Stripes- Trombones

In this musical piece the trombone's pitch was low throughout the musical piece. I would describe Stars and Stripes- Trombone to be punchy because, the musical tone quality was low mids/mid without the boom vibe. This musical piece was unique because, it will brighten up anyone's mood no matter how down they may be. This musical piece I would describe to be uniquely different from the others because it's most likely to be heard in a parade or marching band.

Hunter's Moon- French Horn

In this musical piece the pitch was low but risen at times. The timbre of the song was unfocused because, at times it sound as though he started to play a different song. The musical piece is unique because, the artist could go from a G note to an A note. What makes this piece so uniquely different from all of the others is that it can change from one mood to another.

Super Mario Brothers- Tuba

In the musical piece Super Mario Brothers- Tuba the pitch was low. The timbre of the musical piece was focused and low. This piece is so unique because, it has a fun vibe that most people will love to hear. What makes Super Mario Brothers- Tuba so uniquely different from the other pieces is that it's well-known from the theme song Super Mario Brothers the video game.

Taps- Trumpet

The musical piece Taps- Trumpet has a low pitch throughout the song. The timbre of the musical piece was dark and sad. What makes this piece so unique is it's soft vibe that you may witness when listening to it. What makes Taps- Trumpet so uniquely different from all of the other four pieces is that it may be played during police or military funerals.

Alonzo Burns said...

Alonzo Burns
Music Appreciation p.3
August 27th 2010
Music Blog

The trombone had a classical style to it with an upbeat pace and fast tempo.The pitch was low in some parts and high towards the climax of the song.These trombones are different from the rest because they are performed by a group of young girls.The tone quality of the trombones were dark and heavy.The performance included a lot of vibrato parts in it.
French Horn-
The french horn had a classical sound to it. The french horn also had a medium pitch. The horn differs from the other three instruments because it was accompanied by a piano in the background. The tone quality of the horn was very focused and stayed on beat. The pitch of the song was very low.
The tuba had a modern type sound to it. The tuba had a very low pitch. The Tuba differs from the rest of the instruments because its sound was pitch low. The tone quality of the Tuba was very dark and breathy every time the tubist would have to breath again.In the performance it included a lot of vibrato parts.
the trumpet performance had a classical sound to it.It had a very high pitch that changed constantly. The trumpet performance differed from the other performances because it was performed outside which effected the resonance. The tone quality of the trumpet was very resonant and filled up the whole area even though the performer was outside. The performer also included many vibrato parts in it.

Aijalon Jaddua said...

The trombones have a more serious mood to them.This is something I would here at a marching band or parade.They sound a little breathy and are also very deep in pitch at times.
The french horn is a little more softer and smoother than the trombones. The tempo is alot slower than the trombones. The mood is lighter and a little less serious. The notes are very cleer and resonant.
The tuba has a natural deep tone to it so it is not as light as the other insruments. The notes are very clear because I know exactly what he is playing just by hearing him. Even though it takes a lot of breathe to play this instrument its not breathy.
The trumpet is a very high pitch instrument and is a smooth. The mood is very sad like someone just died. It doesn't sound breathy and I don't hear any vibrations.

Xavier said...

The trombone has a bit of a high pitch and it seems more harsh than the others.

The french horn is high pitched, but it seems soft.

The tuba has a low pitch and it seems breathy, vibrato, and warm.

The trumpet has a very high pitch and it seems harsh, vibrato, and piercing.

Jada Griffin said...

The trombones, Video one was very easily heard,the timbre was very vibrato and focussed, and the pitch was rather high exspecially in the begining.
The french horn's timbre was mellow, vibrato, light, and it reminds me of the sneaky moments in "Tom & Jarry", the pitch was low.
The tuba has a medium pitch, in my opinion, and the timbre was punchy, vibrato, and rather breathy.
The trumpet pitch was high and the timbre, from my point of veiw was dark, heavy, and the instrument reminds of a funeral of a dead soldier.

joshuan mcneal said said...

I really like the french horn. creative instrument, with a deep in between pit.

asante said...

The trombone is unique because how you can pull that stick it can make different sound. The pitch went from high to medium to high again.
The french horn is unique because of all the little tubes leading to your lips to get that low sound. The pitch was low all the time he payed it. The tuba is unique because of how the sound comes out this round tiuba. The pitch was low. The trumpet is unique because of how small it is and its so loud. The pitch was high all the way.

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