Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Non-Traditional Rhythm Instruments

Hello class,

This week, you will watch just two videos you see to the right - another stomp video, and a video of the Blue Man Group.

As you listen, think about the rhythms that you hear and see. Use at least 5 of the words you see here. When you use them, make sure you show that you understand what the words mean.
Write 2 paragraphs (at least three sentences in each) - one about Stomp, and one about the Blue Man Group.

Make sure to comment on this blog by Monday, September 20 in order to receive full credit.

20 pts. You wrote a comment!
20 pts. You used correct grammar, punctuation, capital letters, etc.
20 pts. paragraph one about Stomp (at least 3 sentences)
20 pts. paragraph two about the Blue Man Group (at least 3 sentences)
20 pts. 5 of the above words were used correctly

If you cannot see the videos, here are the URL's
Stomp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu15Ou-jKM0
Blue Man Group: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOL8-qIYemg


joshuan mcneal said said...

In stomp 1 video I heard lots of syncopation,beats were between strong beats through the whole show. Then the Blue Man group had coordination. Not just one man THE entire group did they all had to be on one accord.

Ayries Grays said...

The Blue Man group is played instruments that consisted of some solos at the beginning, then the drums would join in. Blue Man Group uses alot of improvisatiion when it comes to adding an extra piece to the pipes and moving it up or down, left and right. Also, it can be measured in meters of 4 or 8.

Stomp uses a lot of coordination by moving across the stage and playing their instruments with their hands. They also mark the beats by using the drum sticks in the background. An accent is played on the 2nd and third strong beats of the "symbols". Lastly, in some of the musicians solos, they use improvisation.

Jada Griffin said...

The first video, Stomp, was very organized. When the two men slide across the floor with the garbage lids, there was no longer a steady beat, it became a rhythm. I love how they used ordinary objects, it made their sound unique.

The Blue Man Group seems to be a rock group. They're very theatrical, and warm spirited. The drums are played on a ostinato. In the beginging of the song, the Blue Men start very slow with a steady beat, they build the suspense in the crown.

Helen McNeil said...


During the beginning of the song the meter started out as four counts but changed as the rhythm came out more in the song. I believe the improvisation of the dancing man was creative. It must have taken a lot of practice and coordination to make sure everyone was on the correct beat.

Blue Man Group

The meter during the pipe solo was eight counts. I believe the coordination of the Blue Man Group was spectalcular and perfect. The accent of the musical piece has a low pitch. The timbre of the musical piece has vibrato which made the rhythm stronger.

Xavier said...

In Stomp!, there was syncopation when the trash cans were hitting each other. The beat of the music constantly changed throughout the song. The song was in a meter of 4.

In Drumbone, the rhythm of the hi-hats was played in ostinato throughout the song. The song was in a meter of 4. Every 2 bars, the first note had an accent.

Myles Alston said...

The musicians in stomp all had great coordinatioin by being able to walk and play these unique instruments. They showed great syncopation when the musicians with the trash lids were used as crash symbols. Through out the song there was always someone tapping the steady beat but that person would always change.

The drummer in the this group shows great use of accents when he plays his solo. When the other two memebers slide the pipes he changes his striking to soft then gets louder. The main rhythme of the song was repeated which means he made good use of the ostinatos. -Myles Alston

Fanita Robins said...

When I was listening to the song Stomp Out Loud I knew that they had to have coordination; because they doing different things at once and without coordination it would not sound right. The rhythm of the music was not the same throughout the whole song because the pattern of the sounds did not stay the same throughout. The meter of this song was in two. This song had a very fast beat to it.

When I was listening to the song Drumbo by Blue Man Group I knew that the meter of this song was four. It needed coordination because the the was playing drums and I know that a person need coordination to play the drums. I think that some parts of the song was ostinato because it sounded like the men with blue was making it up as the played. I also heard some accent, like in ever four beats one was more louder than the other ones.

Anonymous said...

The stomp had an rhytm also their wer many people playing different instruments.They had really great coordination to but at the the end they were off beat. The blue man group had great coordination to witH the pipes.Also they had a good beat.-Tevin king

shay said...

For the stomp video I heared a more of a African rhythm and beat. The members had great coordination through out the song. There wasn't a solo, everyone was equally playing their instruments. The song started off with a strong beat then it got lower then back loud. They used unusual instruments that others wouldn't.

shay said...

The Blue Man Group had a ostinato on their beginning beat throughout the song. The rhythm was upbeat. The song would be classified as rock.

joshuan mcneal said said...

I would have to say both stomp and blue man group video was great, but both had differences.The stomp video was very exciting.During the stomp video there was lots of different types of rhythms.People making music with different instruments.Making different long and short rhythms.There was also different solo's during the stomp video too.
During the Blue man group video.There was lots of coordination going on.Not only there was coordination going on with the drums.They had coordination as a group.Also the Blue man group video had syncopation.During every strong beat there was a beat between it.Then the meter of the beat was 4.

Nathan Barnett-Bishop said...

In "Stomp!" it had beat and of course meter. I would also say it had rhythm because I heard the same lyrics over and over again. There was a word that described the different shifts of rhythms and beats but I forgot it. Accent? There was another word I forgot that meant different instruments and sounds taking turns. Solo?

In "Blue Man Group" I say it had that word I forgot that I think is solo since they played on pipes. Of course they had beat but it was really fast. In the video I heard drums intersect with the pipes and I think the word is syncopation. I think accent is the word I'm looking for since the pitch of the pipes changed when they were shifted up and down. There must be a meter in order to make a beat like that.

Aijalon Jaddua said...

In the STOMP video I saw alot of intense coordination. The meter was fast and it was in 4/4. The beat wasn't steady but it was constantly changing.
The Blue Man Group seemed to not need as much coordination as STOMP. There was alot of improvising when it came to the changing of pipes. The beat was steady.

Asante Neron said...

Hi it's Asante, sorry if it's late my computer wasn't working. For the first video the beat was full of instruments u get from the dump. The rhythm and meter was the same and there was a solo.
For the blue men group the beat had a live band and there was a solo in the video. The rhythm and meter was the same.

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