Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Percussion Instruments

Hello Music Appreciation Students!

This week, you will listen to two different videos.

Video 1 - Percussion Section
In the first video of the Percussion section, you will see the following instruments (among others):
  • Timpani
  • Bells (Glockenspiel)
  • Bass Drum
  • Crash Cymbals
For the four instruments above, describe how each sounds, and how it looks.

Video 2 - Drum Set
Explain what makes this musical piece interesting, even though there is no melody.

You commented with your name - 20 pts.
You described the appearance of four instruments - 20 pts.
You described the sound of four instruments - 20 pts.
You explained what made the drum set piece interesting - 20 pts.
You used excellent grammar and spelling - 20 pts.

If you are not able to view the videos to the right, here are the URL's:
Percussion Section:


Drum Set:


Please complete this assignment by Monday, September 27, in order to earn full credit.


Ayries Grays said...

The timpani in the first video looks like a big drum and has a deep tempo. The cymbals are golden, circular instruments with a high pitch. Bass drum is a circular drum set on a stand. The bass drum has a low pitch. The glockenspel in this case is a metal and wooden instrument with a high pitch.

The drum set piece is an interseting piece because it takes a lot of cordinaton to hit all the instruments at one time. The piece changes beats often and goes faster as he plays at one point.

Helen McNeil said...

Percussion Section of an Orchestra

The sound that the timpani produce has vibrato. The sound that the bells made has a sharp high pitched tone. The sound that the bass drum made was a low pitch. The sound that the crash cymbals produced has a sharp crashing sound, as if someone ran into a garbage can. The timpani looks like a giant copper bowl with a white sheet stretched over the top. The bells are shaped like a sliver triangle with a circular ring at the top point. The crash cymbals look like two pairs of brass pan tops. The bass drums have two crash cymbals, two toms, one bass drum, one snare drum, and a hi-hat.

Drum Set

The thing that makes this musical piece so interesting even though it doesn’t have a melody is that it’s played in syncopation.

Fanita Robins said...

The crash cymbals look like two plates that are being smashed together. The crash cymbals sound like someone is beating something against a cooking pan. The bass drum look like a big circular cylinder. It sounds like a loud boom. The Timpani look like big kettles. It sounds like a drum role. The Bells look like piano keys in a box. It sound like soft bells with a high sound.
The Drum Set is so interesting because it needs alot of coordination. The men is doing alot of different things at once and it sound good.

joshuan mcneal said said...

The Timpani looked like two over size drums and it had a low pitch.The Bells was on a piece of wood that was sitting on a two legged bar.Then on the wood was long pieces of metals.That were getting striking with a stick with a metal ball on it,to make a bell sound.That had a high pitch.The Bass drums looked like one over size big drum,but had a low pitch.The Crash Cymbals looked like two plates of gold that were getting hit continuously.The music piece was interesting because it had great different type of rhythms.That also had repetition in it.Then the music piece had different types of percussion's in that sounded great.

Xavier said...

Video 1:
The timpani is large, with a big, wide drum at the top, and a narrow stand at the bottom. It has a low-pitched ring sound.

The bells resemble the xylophone. It has a very high-pitched ring sound.

The bass drum is a large, wide cylinder. It has a loud pulse sound.

The crash cymbals are large circles. When they crash, they make a loud crash sound.

Video 2:
Although there is no melody, this musical piece is very interesting because of the catchy rhythm of the beat alone.

shay said...

The timpani is shaped like a conga drum but wider and round sloped bottom. The sound of a timpani is deep. The bells look like a xylophone. It has a high sound. The bass drum looks like a drum but bigger and louder with a deep, low bass. Crash Cymbals have a circle shape and has a piercing sound.

Creshaya Gandy

shay said...

What makes this piece interesting is that it has many sounds put together that can be played by 1 person. The drum set picks up the speed then slows down.

Creshaya Gandy

Anonymous said...

The percussion instruments like the timpani sounded like had a low pitch and bells had a high pitch. The bass drum had a low pitch to and the crass cymbals were also loud with a vibate sound. The cymbals were gold, the tampani were round and big and it was two tampani drums, the bass drum was huge and black ,and the bells were on a stand and were played with two drum sticks. The reason why the drum set was interesting because it has different pitches and it also has different instruments.-Tevin king

Asante Neron said...

Hello it's Asante and for the first video the Bass Drum is a large drum that has a low pitch. The Crash Cymbals are like gold plates that has a high pitch. The Bells are small and flat sticks that's on a board and has a high pitch. The Timpani is a small size drum with a low pitch.
The second video is interesting to me because, he plays fast and it has a fast tempo even thougth there is not a melody.

myles Alston said...

Percussion Section of an Orchestra
The timpani looks like a kettle thats why it got the name Kettle drum. It has different tones because you can tune them. It is played by being stuck.
The Bells are like mini piano keys that get struck by a brass mallets. It has a high pitch sound and its kind of piercing to the ears.
The Bass Drum is a large membranophone that u strike with a mallet. It has a low tone and the lowest in the precussion section.
The crash cymbals are precussion istruments that have harsh tone for excitement and it looks like a plate thats upside down and made of metal.

The Drumset
The music piece is unique because of the different rhythmic patterns.
Myles Alston

Aijalon Jaddua said...

In the first video the bells look like an xylophone set and they aound very high pitch. The timpani are two huge brown drums and they sound deep and low. They cymbals look like two golden plates and they sound like something is crashing. The bass drum looks like a big drum and its black. It has a low sound.
In the second video what makes it interesting is that he can keep the same beat and speed for a long time even though he strikes a different percussion.

Jada Griffin said...

The first video has a timpani and it has a deep hollow sound. It's a small drum connected to a bigger drum with a maroon color. Bells (glockenspiel) looks like an electric keyboard, but you hit it to make noise. It has a tinging sound to it. The bass drum is large and black. It is louder than the other instruments. The crash cymbals are large metal plates that you smash together. It's sound vibrates.
The second video is very interesting becuase it has a consistant beat, but than it changes when he hits the other parts of the drum set. It sounds like jazz.

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