Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Classical/Romantic Quiz

Hello class,

During the past couple weeks, we have been discussing Classical and Romantic music. Above, you can see Symphony A and B. One is from a Classical symphony. One is from a Romantic symphony.

As you listen to the two videos, listen for Classical and Romantic characteristics. After listening, write an excellent paragraph (3-5 sentences) that clearly explains which piece is Classical, and which piece is Romantic. Be sure that you paragraph includes AT LEAST three reasons that explain how you identified each piece as that specific style.

Here is a reminder of some very important characteristics:

- terraced dynamics
- cadences
- simple meter
- string instruments
- form

- changing tempos
- changing dynamics
- large orchestra, with a variety of instruments
- a lot of emotion and mood changes
- sounds like a sountrack

25 pts. You wrote with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
25 pts. You wrote one paragraph (3 to 5 sentences)
25 pts. You correctly identified the two pieces as Classical or Romantic
25 pts. You clearly state three reasons on how you came to your conclusion

Please submit your comment by Monday, November 22 for full credit.

In case you cannot view the videos to the right, here are the URL's:
Symphony Movement A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejOTIAf-giM
Symphony Movement B: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oms4LvGI7bk


Ayries Grays said...

Symphony Movement One can be classified as Romantic music. This piece consists of a large orchestra wit a variety of instruments. It also sounds like it could be used in a soundtrack for a movie. Lastly, the mood changes from maybe what is tought of to be happiness, to sadness.

Symphony Movement 2 can be classified as classical music. The dynamics in this song go from soft to loud. There are also mainly string instruments playing throughout the entire peice. Lastly, it has a form of ABA.

Helen McNeil said...

Brahms Symphony #3: Movement 3

Brahms Symphony #3: Movement 3 is a Classical Period piece. Brahms Symphony #3: Movement3 is Classical because there were terraced dynamics which made new melodies that were entering easily heard. There was not much change in the string instruments dynamics and that let me know that there was terraced dynamics in the musical piece. Terraced dynamic were popular in the Classical Period which help me conclude that Brahms Symphony #3: Movement 3 was Classical. The mood of the piece stayed the same throughout and Classical music unlike Romantic has mainly one mood throughout the piece. That’s how I knew that Brahms Symphony #3: Movement 3 was a Classical piece.

Haydn Symphony 92 G major "Oxford"

Haydn Symphony 92 G major “Oxford” is a Romantic Period piece. Haydn Symphony 92 G major “Oxford” is a Romantic piece because there were gradual dynamics which changed the mood of the piece. In the Romantic period the mood of musical piece did not remain throughout. There was a large orchestra with strings, woodwinds, and timpani. The mood of the musical piece was sometimes happy or intense with fear. The texture was polyphonic in Haydn Symphony 92 G major “Oxford”. The main melody changed in the development because the tempo of the main melody sped up and the dynamics gradually changed from loud to soft.

Fanita Robins said...

Symphony movement A is a Romantic symphony. I know this because it had a larger orchestra, with a variety of instruments. Another way I knew it was Romantic was because there were gradual and terraced dynamics. Also the tempo was changing.
Symphony movement B is a Classical symphony. I know this because it does not have a large orchestra. Also its main instruments are the strings. There are mainly terraced dynamics.

asante neron said...

The first symphony was Romantic and the second was classical, because the fisrt symphony had a lot of emotion and mood changes that you would play in a love story. The second one had a lot of cadences and the first didnt really change the dynamics that much.

Xavier said...

I believe Symphony A is Classical and Symphony B is Romantic. Although both sounded a bit like a movie soundtrack, Symphony B had more emotion and more variety in terms of instruments than Symphony A. The tempo and mood also noticeably changed in Symphony B while in Symphony A, the mood did not vary a lot.

Anonymous said...

Brahms symphony 3 is classical. The reason why i said its classical is because of the instrumentation. Also it had terraced dynamics.Another reason is it had simple meters. Symphony movement b is romantic because of the changing tempos. Another reason why its romantic is because it had changing dynamics like gradual changes. This piece expresses emotion and the mood changes. Tevin King

Nathan Barnett-Bishop said...

In Symphony Movement B, it sounds like Classical music. It's like classical music because it has terraced dynamics around 2:08 when it went from slow to fast. If you look at the video, you can see a large number of strings. towards the end there was a cadence since it started to slowly fade out.

Symphony Movement A is alot like a Classical music style but to me it's Romantic. I got confused between the two because they both have a large amount of strings and I think Symphony B has a bigger orchestra. However, in A the dynamics were gradual and it sounds more like a story or soundtrack. The mood also changes alot when one meter is done.

Nathan Barnett-Bishop said...

Kongar-ol Ondar's timbre was a litle shakey and irritating. The style seemed to be tradational or the style Myle's did on our style projects. What I found unique about his vocal was his abilty to hold a note. The thing I found impressive was how he held a note and was able to repeat it.

Franzl Lang's timbre was plain and sort of wavey. The style also seems to be like Kongar's, like, music made in the mountains. What I thought was unique is how he repeated the same sound in breath. I also found that very thing impressive as well.

Bobby Mcferrin's timbre was able to go up and down easly. The style is most likely Reggae because of the sound of his voice. What I found unique was his talent to make a beat like that. I think the entire thing was pretty cool!

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