Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Hello Music Appreciators!
This week, you'll listen to three videos that show three singers singing in very different ways (the three videos above).
Write four sentences about each style that you see (you should have a paragraph for each piece, with four sentences in each paragraph):
- One sentence that describes the timbre - 20 pts.
- One sentence that describes the style of the piece - 20 pts.
- One sentence that describes something unique about the singer or the song - 20 pts.
- One sentence that tells what you appreciate about the video - 20 pts.
- Good grammar and spelling, and you refer to each piece by the vocalists' names or the song titles - 20 pts.
Please comment by Monday, November 29 to receive full credit.
-Mr. Ward
Here are the URL's, if the videos to the right are not working correctly:
Kongar-ol Ondar (Tuvan Throat Singing): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVyyhHFKI8E
Franzl Lang - Einen Jodler hor i gern: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67rc96joOz8
Bobby McFerrin - Drive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=codmxk7uLv8


Aijalon Jaddua said...

The first video has a timbre that is really unusual. He is throat singing 2 or 3 notes at a time. The style of this piece seems to be folk. Whats unique about the singer is that he seems to make music singing from his throat. I appreciate the fact thats it out of the ordinary.

The second video has a timbre that is more light and not as harsh. What is unique about this video is that he is a man singing in a soprano range and he can sustain the notes. The style is very folk or traditional music. I appreciate the fact that he had a lot of energy and breathe support to make the notes more pure.

The third video his timbre is really rich and light. The style is popular/modern music. What is unique about him is that he uses his body as an instrument. I appresiate the fact that he gives a very entertaining performance and makes a harmony with himself at the end.

myles alston said...

The first symphony movement with the Brahms piece was in my opinion more Romantic because of the emotions used with the brass instruments. I could hear that the repetition in the melody was both used in brass and strings. I feel that it used both terraced and gradual dynamics as well.

Symphony B was a classical piece because it showed gradual and terraced dynamics but it didnt convay to me different uses of the melody in a way that expressed enough feeling. It is a powerful song but not enough characteristic changes.

Ayries Grays said...

Drive by Bobby McFerrin has a light and dark timbre. The style of this piece can be classified as modern jazz or hip hop. What is unique about this piece is the use of his chest to keep a steady beat. One thing that I appreciate about this piece is how it teaches me that u can use different things other than instruments to make music.

Franzl Lang Yodeling has a light timbre. This piece can be classified a traditional music. Something that makes this piece so unique is the use of a different language. I can appreciate this music for the exposure of a new heritage and how they use music to express themselves.

Tuvan Throat Singing uses verbratto in singing. This piece can also be classified as traditional music. This music is unique because of the way they sing the song in general. I can appreciate this music for the up bringing of a new style of singing.

Xavier said...

In the first song, Ondar's voice was a little harsh. The style is sacred music. Something unique about Ondar is that he can sing 2 notes at a time. I appreciate his ability to sing 2 notes at a time and make his voice sound almost like a woodwind instrument.

In the second song, Franzl's voice was a little piercing. The style is traditional music. Something unique about Franzl is that he can quickly change the dynamics in his voice while singing. I appreciate how quickly he can raise the pitch in his voice.

In the third song, Bobby's voice is smooth. The style is modern music. Something unique about Bobby is that he can also quickly change the pitch in his voice. I appreciate how Bobby can be bass and lead singer at the time and use his voice for effects.

Fanita Robins said...

For the first video the timbre is harsh. The style for this piece ie classical. This singer is unique because he use his voice to make the sound of a instrument. I appreciate how the singer change his voice to make different sounds, that sound like instruments.
For the second video the timbre is bright and focused. The style for this video is rock. This song is unique because the singer is using a language and instruments I never heard or seen before. I appreciate this video because I can't understand what the singer is saying but his actions help me understand the song.
For the last video the timbre is smooth and focused. The style for this video is classical. This singer is unique because he use his voice and his body as instruments. I appreciate this video because it shows me a person don't always need instruments to make beats, they can use their voice and body.

asante neron said...

Hello, the first video's timbre was light. The style was thoat singer. The unique part was how he singed four notes at once. I appreciate how a different culture can show you how they use music.
The second video's timbre was thin. The unique part was how he does that with his mouth. I appreciatebhow alot of people like their kinds of music.
The last video's timbre was thick. The style was jazz. The unique part was how he's making the beat with his chest. I appreciate how he's showing other people his kind of music.

joshuan mcneal said said...

The throat singing had a really hard like timbre to it. The style is very unique, singing three to four different notes is fantastic and exciting. I really appreciate this style of music because I feel like its a lost art, but very exciting and clever. So if no one will appreciate it like it should I will.
Franzl Lang had a hard like timbre too, but had a very fast tempo. Then a high pitch.The style is unique too but I really think its funny. What I appreciate about this style of music is its funny, expressive, and interesting.
Bobby Mcferrin very great style of music.Have a very low pitch and a soft timbre. And I can tell that Bobby have to do a lot of breath exercising because his style of music looks like it takes a lot of breathing. What I appreciate about this music is its style and knowing there's other great styles out there I can try to learn.

Myles Alston said...

Kongar-Ol Ondar
The throat song was quite unique. I thought that the timbre was a bit rough because Ondar sang with using more than one vocal chord. I think the style is folk because it is native to his country. I appreciate the fact that he is trying to bring back an ancient technique in singing.

Franzl Lang
Yodeling has a light bouncing timbre. This song was a folk song for sure because it had traditional clothing with it. What I think what was unique about it was the fact that the yodeler was able to bounce around the notes like that and make it look so easy. I appreciate the way traditions held are still being honored.

Bobby McFerrin
The timbre of Mr. McFerrin's voice is undiscribable because it can change so much. This song he was playing was a showtune I believe. I thought it was unique because he used everything to make a sound even when breathing in. I appreciate that in America you can become famous for so many things and by anything. - Myles Alston.

Anonymous said...

The timbre of the tuvan throat singer is very skriking. Also the style using their vocals.Something unique about this piece is that he uses his voice like an instrument.I appreciate that you dont always have to use instruments to create sounds. The timbre of the yodeling singer is very loud and expressive.Also the style is very traditional. Something that was unique about this piece is that he uses about two words and change the pitch of them. I appreciate that making sounds with your mouth can bring you joy. The timbre of bobby mcferrin piece is very cool.The style of this is jazz but using your voice to create sounds. Something unique about this is that it didnt look like he moved his mouth to create sounds. I appreciate that using your vocals can create any sound you want. -Tevin King

Simone said...

The timbre in the throat singing was very unique. The style of this peice is most likely folk. The unique thing about this song is that he sounds like some type of instrument. I appreciate the fact that he is trying to bring back a ancient song from his people.

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