Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Non-Traditional Rhythm Instruments

Hello class,

This week, you will watch just two videos you see to the right - a "Stomp" video, and a video of the Blue Man Group.

As you listen, think about the rhythms that you hear and see. Use at least 5 of the words you see here. When you use them, make sure you show that you understand what the words mean.
Write 2 paragraphs (at least three sentences in each) - one about Stomp, and one about the Blue Man Group.

Make sure to comment on this blog by Tuesday, September 6 in order to receive full credit.

20 pts. You wrote a comment!
20 pts. You used correct grammar, punctuation, capital letters, etc.
20 pts. paragraph one about Stomp (at least 3 sentences)
20 pts. paragraph two about the Blue Man Group (at least 3 sentences)
20 pts. 5 of the above words were used correctly

If you cannot see the videos, here are the URL's
Stomp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu15Ou-jKM0
Blue Man Group: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOL8-qIYemg


Monifah ahrdy said...

"Stomp out Loud" has alot of rhythm and coordination when it first comes on.The beat is made when the woman with the garbage cans first comes on.When the solos come on the meter starts to change.For the Blue man group they make different rhythms with the tubes.Another thing I noticed in the video was that the beat starts to get emphasized on the 3rd meter.
The coordination of the song is very up beat.

Monique Windfield said...

Dear Mr, Ward

The stomp video was very good. They kept a constant beat. Most of the time they had a meter of 4 beats.

The blue man video was okay. The did good on the drum like things. The blue men did good on hand nd eye coordination . They kept a constant beat as well.

Kayla Tucker said...

In this clip STOMP,i hear the syncopation of the drums that the group is playing. This is the type of syncopation that makes u feel loud and wanting to express your self. Their is no melody but the rhythm of the music rises more and more and they start to play harder.

Kayla Tucker said...

In the Blue Man Group,It seems like whenever they play on the tubes,the syncopation is like air and it ascends, and descends.

Maurell Bivins said...

The video of the blue man group sounded like they were playing melodies of vibrations. Which is called the syncopation, and their music mostly descends through out the music they're playing. In Stomp, The syncopation of the music was deep.

tariq phillips said...

the song happy birthday was very inspiring to me because it showed great thanks to martin luther king. This song had great rhythm and beats.

tariq phillips said...

The Blue Man Group song was very attractive. It looked like they took pipes and made music out of them. Also this beat or song, had great coordination. They knew how to beat on the pipe and how hard to hit it. It was very abstract to me and it was something that I would enjoy watching again. The syncopation stood out because every time one of the Blue Man tapped on the pipe, it made an intriguing sound. When the Blue Man did his solo, it was awesome. The ostinato never went away. No matter if the Blue Men stopped playing their instruments, it stayed.

The video Stomp Stomp Out Loud wasn't really that good. It seemed as though they were trying to do what Africans do. Africans take random instruments and turn it into to music. To me, I think they tried to do the same but, it just wasn't original. The beat to me was just unattractive.

Anthony Mosley Jr. said...

The Blue Man Group's beat was made of improvisations. Syncopation occurred as the video was ending when all of the instruments were involved. The rhythm was smooth and connected.
The Stomp video had solos for each instruments used during the performance. It also had a meter of 7. The rhythm was disjunct.

Antonio Boston said...

The video stomp Out Loud has a rhythm with short and loud sounds.Towards the end the syncopation changed.Towards the beginning the beat is two.In this video there was improvisation because it looked like they where all just doing their own thing and there was no choreography.

The second video the Blue man group the rhythm is short sounds.The meter of the music is four. The music is well coordinated.

Krystiana Lewis said...

Stomp: In Stomp I heard a great amount of improvisation. It didn't really seem that rehearsed , it seemed like they were just going with what sound came from the recycled item they had. The rhythm was amazing though, on the note that it didn't seem rehearsed. The meter in Stomp was not existent. There were so many different beats and counts in that performance.

Blue Man: They used ostinato for the whole performance I felt. One blue man had a solo, while the other improvised and added to his beat but he kept it constant. The coordination was amazing, with the fast rhythm he kept. The beat and rhythm stayed the same but the sound changed a little when they added more tubes and lifted them up and down to make more hollow sounds.

Nia Howard said...

When watching the stomp video one key element they used was improvisation because even though they didnt have drums or other instruments they used other materials to create the beat. Pertaining to rhythm I think that it was disjunct and broken because of how the beat alternated constantly. Also I believe syncopation occured when the people shifted from the plastic drums to the trash can top cymbols.

Blue Man Group-
Just like the people in the Stomp video the blue man had a great sense of imporivsation due to the fact that there only instrument was a pipe and drum sticks. Within the video I believe the ostinato occured when they drummed on the pipe and displayed a high tune. The rhythm seemed smooth because they took small steps to get from high to low. Also, when they paired the pipe with the drums in the background it showed coordination.

Bria Williams said...

Stomp out loud was about like people showing off they talent. It has a high meter to it the mood is like happy because they showing off what they can do. At times it had a low meter. The chorus changed at times doing the interpretation.

The blue man group video was conjucted it was smooth and together at all times. It had a high and low meter at times like it was a very nice beat. It had very nice rhythm to it it was all together.

Emmanuel Mitchell said...

The "Stomp" video was ok yet I felt it lacked some rhythm. Some of the drums did not have coordination on the "Stomp" video the beat wasn't really put together. It would have really helped if a solo was preformed.

The Blue Man Group beat was put together they knew what the was doing.In the Blue Man Group I think they had good Cooridination, They knew what they was doing and when the suppose to do it. In the Blue Man Group they displayed alot of syncopation throw out thier whole routine. The Blue Man Group displayed a meter of improvisation which accented their ostinato.

Charlton Jelks said...

The beat that was made in the video "stomp" was very unique because the artist used several different items to make a rhythm. The fact that they used things that we use everyday is what makes them a good group.

The blue man group was good because of there timing and coordination. They also did well when the solo came around.

Da'ron Ross said...

The Blue Man Group was entertaining because of the sounds and how funny they are.The rhythm of the sounds were smooth and the beats were conjunct.The meter of the sounds were changing but changing at a step so that it stayed smooth.

The stomp out load video had disjunct sounds because more than one sound was played at a time with different instruments. The coordination of the sounds was what made it sound good because even tho the sounds were all over the place they were played at a good nice part to make it sound together. It also had small solo parts in it like when the person with the trash can lids banged them on the ground.

Jeremiah Stewart said...

Jeremiah stewart
music appriciation

1) the first video was sort like a street video because they were beating on garbage cans.There sound or melody was ascending and decending alot.

2)same goes for the blue group it starts of building up then then the beat automatically descends to the bottom and then back up again.

Jessie said...


The video Stomp was more like a street rhythm where they was making beats out of garbage cans.The beat started when the lady started banging on the garbage cans to create a rhythm.

The blue man group was more of a steady beat opposed to the stomp beat.I thought it was more melody in the rhythm.

Erin Crawford said...

In, “Stomp," by Stomp Out Loud, different objects are coordinated to create syncopation. The meter of the song is four. The group uses some objects to accent others. Ostinato is represented by a drumstick tapping.

In,"Drumbone (Last Call Vegas)," by Blue Man Group there is a solo using pipes during the introduction. The meter of the song is four. In the middle of the song, the pipes become an accent to other instruments. Ostinato is represented by cymbals throughout the whole song.

Maurell Bivins said...

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