Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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Hello again,

This week, you will listen to the FOUR videos above. As you listen, you should think about how the timbre (the tone quality) and pitch (highness/lowness) of the instruments are different. How are these instruments different from each other?

Here are some good timbre words to use:
light or heavy; dark or bright; breathy; punchy; clear; focussed or unfocussed; piercing; harsh; warm; mellow; resonant; flat; vibrato or without vibrato (do you hear the vibrations?)

Write four sentences: One sentence about each instrument that describes how it is uniquely different from the other three.

20 pts - Students commented correctly using the blog, and included their name.
20 pts - Students comment on pitch of different instruments.
20 pts - Students correctly comment on the timbre of different instruments.
20 pts - Each instrument is described to show how it is unique.
20 pts - Students used correct grammar and spelling.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Monday, September 12 for full credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the right, here are the URL's for the videos:
French Horn:


Jessie said...


I thought trumpet solo was light because it was high pitched.i thought the tuba was breathy because he was putting alot of breath in the instrument.I thought the french horn was more warm because it had a classical rhythm.I thought that the trombone was heavy because the instrument was deep.

Brianna Wilson-Hooper said...

The first video of the Trumpet was very high pitch. It wasnt vibrato like the rest of the instruments, it was light and bright.

The second instrument, the Tuba was very low pitch, the timbre was breathy, light and heavy at the same time. It was very vibrato.

The French Horn was low and high pitch. It was mellow, resonant and punchy. It was also the longest solo.

Lastly the Trombones were high pitch. The instrumental was unfocused, wasnt very soothing or clear. They were very resonant and vibrato.

Anthony Mosley Jr. said...

The trumpet in the first video is high pitched and the timbre is light. The tuba in the second video is very low pitched and the timbre is breathy. The French horn in the third video is high pitched and the timbre is mellow. The trombone in the fourth video is low pitched and the timbre is unfocused.

Kayla Tucker said...

In The Trumpet,it was very loud, but also mellow. The melody was somewhat high pitched. The Tuba was sounded very deep and flat, but i heard the harmony and the vibrations of it. The French Horn was loud, and as the man played the melody ascended and got louder. The French Horn and the Trmpet sounded similiar to me. The trombone was piercing

Antonio Boston said...

The first instrument which was the trumpet was high pitched and the timbre was light.The second instrument, the tuba was low pitched and the timbre was heavy and dark.The third instrument the french horn was also high pitched like the trumpet,it was piercing and light towards the middle.The last instrument was the trombone and the pitch was kind of in the middle between high and low, the timbre was warm.

Charlton Jelks said...

>The first video/ instrument was rather light and piercing. The trumpet stays at the same level of highness, the tone hardly drops.

>The second instrument which was the solo tuba which is a deep; harsh sound; dark. Breathy.

>The third instrument was at a medium level of tone with slight high points. The timbre was very focused and smooth.

>The fourth being the trombone is vibrato and unfocused;punchy.

Erin Crawford said...

I thought that the trumpet was peircing, punchy, vibrato, and high pitched. The tuba was smooth, heavy, clear, and low pitched. The french horn was focused, smooth, mellow, and high pitched. The trombone was breathy, vibrato, punchy, and low pitched.

Da'ron Ross said...

The trombone has a low pitch and its timbre was deep heavy. It has a slide to show its unique. The french horns pitch is somewhere in the middle but close to low and its timbre was smooth and calm. It looks like a steering wheel.the tuba has a pitch in the middle and its timbre is smooth. It is smaller then the other instruments.The trumpet has a high pitch and the timbre is decending. Its different because of the high pitch.

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