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Hello Music Appreciators!

This blog will be used to communicate, to listen to musical examples, and to work on special homework assignments and projects over the course of the semester.

To the right are two music videos about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We have listened to both of these in class, and have discussed some of the meaning behind the songs. (See comment instructions below to submit your answer) Based on what you know of the messages, and what you know of the music, answer the following two questions. For each question, you should write an answer that is 3 to 5 sentences (two paragraphs total).

§ What is the meaning behind these songs?

§ What do these songs have in common?

If you are unable to view the videos to the right, you may click on the hyperlinks below:

"Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder -

"Pride (In the Name of Love" by U2 -

These will be graded as follows:
20 pts. You commented correctly, with your name listed.
20 pts. You answered the meaning question.
20 pts. You answered the comparison question.
20 pts. You wrote 3 to 5 sentences for each question.
20 pts. You used excellent grammar and spelling, and did not use abbreviations, slang, or "texting language"

Extra Credit (5 points) - Name an appropriate song that could be used to teach a concept in class. Be sure that the content and lyrics are appropriate to receive credit. Also, find an appropriate video on YouTube that could be used, and include the URL address.

To comment, just click on the link below that says "comments." Then make sure you sign your name by clicking "Name/URL" so that I know it is you leaving the comment. This assignment is due by Monday, August 27. If you have trouble posting, please e-mail your response to me at

Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to think of MLK on August 28, the day that he led the March on Washington and delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963.

- Mr. Ward


Mr. Ward said...

An appropriate comment will have two paragraphs. It will not use text writing. Spell out words completely and correctly. For example, do not write "u" when you mean "you."

Shahari Scott said...

I think the meaning behind these two songs was to show respect and honor to Dr. King. These people wrote these song to make the importance of MLK words known. Also to help people acknowledge that racism was wrong and that everyone should be equal, this was exactcally what Dr. King was trying to let everyone know and get across in his speeches.
Both of the songs had something to do with Dr. King. The songs was powerful. Also these to song show alot of glorification to Dr. King.

Charmaine Dortch said...

The meaning of "Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder is to celebrate a day for Martin Luther King JR. After MLK assination Mrs.King and Stevie Wonder had got together to come up with the idea to compose a song.The lyrics talk about how such a man that people looks up to need to be celebrated yearly for what he have done and achieve for African Americans. Pride (In the Name of love" by U2 also speaks about MLK. In the second set of lyrics it tells about the assination of Mr.King,"Early morning, April 4 shot rings in the Memphis sky." The song does not only speak about MLK assination but the pride he had for our one nation to become a unity.

The comparison of both songs are mostly Martin Luther King JR., but to be specific is his pride,our love, and unity. The chorus of Pride by U2 is "In the name of love," and a lyric from "Happy Birthday" is "We know that love can win." Both mean that with the love that they have, has, or had for MLK they would alway go with a journey with there had up high no matter what race.In U2 it say, "They could not take your pride," even though he is gone he still have faith of us becomming a unity and thats where Stevie Wonder helps with the celebration of still having faith.

LaDonna Dail said...

In Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder, the meaning of the song was to get Dr. Martin Luther's King birthday made into a holiday. In Pride by U2, it tells about what he did. It also tells about who he was as a person that wanted the world to change.

They both tell about how Dr. Martin Luther King made a difference. They tell about how me helped the world become a better place. They tell that all Dr. Martin Luther King wanted to do was justify. He wanted to overthrow the racism that was happening at the time. Even though they assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King,his dream will still be lived to make him happy.

Robyn Flynn said...

I believe the meaning behind both of the songs are to show how important it is to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The meaning behind "Happy Birthday" are reasons why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's. birthday should be celebrated. "Pride"'s meaning is more of why he did the things he did. Also that he should be remembered "in the name of love".
Both songs honor a historical figure. They also both show why he should be honored. Both songs are also similar because they were both popular songs.

tyree wooding said...

The meaning of these songs are the dreams of MLK and how it is now true when he is dead.These songs are common because they both express MLK's tyhoughts.

Charmaine Dortch said...

The Stomp has rhythm, syncopation, and improvistion. The rhythm in Stomp is strong, but it begans to get weak during the middle and end of the video. The syncopation in the video is when the group begin to stress the weaker beat in te middle. I believe they improvised on the part with the tin garbage tops.

The blue man group is very coordinate and metered. The coordination is very obvious and systematize really between both the pipe and drums set. The meter of the drums were a count of three.

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