Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello class,

This week, you will watch just two videos you see to the right - a "Stomp" video, and a video of the Blue Man Group.

As you listen, think about the rhythms that you hear and see. Use at least 5 of the words you see here. When you use them, make sure you show that you understand what the words mean.
Write 2 paragraphs (at least three sentences in each) - one about Stomp, and one about the Blue Man Group.

Make sure to comment on this blog by Tuesday, September 4 in order to receive full credit.

20 pts. You wrote a comment!
20 pts. You used correct grammar, punctuation, capital letters, etc.
20 pts. paragraph one about tells about Stomp (at least 3 sentences)
20 pts. paragraph two tells about the Blue Man Group (at least 3 sentences)
20 pts. 5 of the above words were used correctly

If you cannot see the videos, here are the URL's
Blue Man Group:


Tyree Wooding said...

Stomp Out Loud had a lot of solos. There was also improvisation as the went on. They also used syncopation because they would use a louder tool over one of the weaker tools. Stomp also used meter 4. There was rhythm through the whole video.

Blue Man Group used syncopation in the beginning when the blue men were playing the tube.They don't really have a rhythm because they go faster then slower.They are also using meter 4. They didn't use improvisation because they already knew what they were going play. There was a mini solo played by the drummer.

LaDonna Dail said...

In the Stomp video, there isn't alot of improvisation. Everything semms planned. There were a coupe of different solo's. They all also seem to have good hand coordination. There are 4 beats in a meter.
In the video about the Blue Man Group, the accent is on the stronger beats. There is a solo throughout the whole video. It's just one of the blue men that's performing. The man doing the solo has good hand- eye coordination.

Mikia Harmon said...

This week we watched the "Stomp" video in class and then the Blue Man Group ( at home). We also learned about words like solo, improvisation, rhythm, syncopation, meter, and beat.
The stomp video was a collage of groups creating rhythms with objects you normally wouldn't connect to music with. For example, in the first scene they were strapped to a billboard constructed of pots, pans, xylophones, drums and other metal items. They played several types of rhythms and used the drums as their strong beat. I also noticed a slight moment of improvisation when one man was hitting a drum at a steady pace and then they joined in one by one. You could have also called that his solo, since he was the only one playing at the time for a period of time. I think they were steadily adding on a piece of music that sounded good, and then they went back to a planned rhythm.
In the Blue Man Group, I noticed that they also used uncommon items. They were also painted blue... it seemed like they were using a white pipe, and they reconstructed it in several ways to make it sound even. I saw at one point that they made different beats at two ends of the pipe, surprisingly making it flow as one.

Robyn Flynn said...

The "Stomp" video was very well coordinated. The meter was hard to determine. This video had many different rhythms, the group worked together the whole time so there were no solos.
"The Blue Man Group"'s performance was very interesting. I think they used syncopation on the weaker notes. I think the weaker notes were the notes when they beat on the drums with paint. They had different beats and they changed instruments.

Robyn Flynn said...

The first video's timbre was heavy and unfocussed, it was also flat in some areas and the pitch varied. The second video using the french horns started with a loud pitch. Its timbre was clear and I heard the vibrations. The solo tuba was heavy and breathy. The trumpet solo was piercing and its pitch was high.

Mikia Harmon said...

The first instrument, the trombone, was different from the other instruments because it had more of a dragged out sound to it, and the timbre was more punchy, heavy, and you could hear the vibrato. The French Horn was different than the other instruments because it actually had that horn sounding quality to it, it may also have been the highest sounding out of the bunch- with a light, bright, and mellow timbre. The Tuba, the most heaviest, was different than the others because it was much larger, therefore causing its timbre to be heavy, breathy, and also warm. Lastly the Trumpet, was different than the other instruments because its timbre was light, piercing, and harsh.

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