Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brass Instruments

Hello again,

This week, you will listen to FOUR videos to the right. As you listen, you should think about how the timbre (the tone quality) and pitch (highness/lowness) of the instruments are different. How are these instruments different from each other?

Here are some good timbre words to use:
light or heavy; dark or bright; breathy; punchy; clear; focussed or unfocussed; piercing; harsh; warm; mellow; resonant; flat; vibrato or without vibrato (do you hear the vibrations?)

Write four complete sentences: One sentence about each instrument that describes how it is uniquely different from the other three.

20 pts - Students commented correctly using the blog, and included their name.
20 pts - Students comment on pitch of different instruments.
20 pts - Students correctly comment on the timbre of different instruments.
20 pts - Each instrument is described to show how it is unique.
20 pts - Students used correct grammar and spelling.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Monday, September 10 for full credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the right, here are the URL's for the videos:


Tyree Wooding said...

The Trombone was heavy,dark,breathy.The Trumbone has a lowness pitch.The French Horn is light,vibrato,and bright. The Tuba is dark,haevy,rough and vibrato. It has a lowness pitch.The trumpet is light,and smooth.It is diferent from the others because it is one of the lighter ones. Then comes the french horn,then the trombone,then the tuba.

Shahari said...

Hello this is Shahari,
All of these instruments had a very high and soft pitch. The timbre of the instruments were smooth, light, bright, warm, and mellow. The Trombones had a lot of vibrato in it when they was paying it and it was the loudest out of the four instruments that I listened to. The tuba had very little vibrato but you could still identify it and this instruments was the heaviest and darkest instrument out of these four bass instruments. The french horn was very calm and was the softest instruments out of these four instruments. The trumpet sounded very light and only had a little vibrato you have to listen really but you closely to here it.

Charmaine Dortch said...

The Trombone is a really heavy, dark, smooth,clear, and vibrato instrument. The French Horn is mellow, clear, smooth, bright, and light intrument. The Tuba Solo is a heavy, choopy, and breathy instrument. The Tuba has a low pitch also. The Truimphet is a light, bright, warm, andclear instrument with a very high pitch.

LaDonna Dail said...

The Trombone was heavy,bright,focused,piercing,and mellow. There was a little vibrato. The tuba is very heavy, and deep. The pitch was low. The french horn was light, bright and piercing. The pitch was high. The stars and stripes trombone was dark and heavy. The pitch was low. This performance was different because it was polyphonic. There were more than one different melodies.

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