Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Hello class,

This week, you will be listen to the FOUR woodwind videos to the right. As you listen, you should think about how the timbre (the tone color) and pitch (highness/lowness) of the instruments are different. Which one creates the highest sounds? Which one creates the lowest sounds?

Here are some good timbre words: light or heavy; dark or bright; breathy; punchy; clear; focussed or unfocussed; piercing; harsh; warm; mellow; resonant; flat; has a strong vibrato (do you hear it vibrating?) or no vibrato

For each instrument, write two sentences: One sentence about each instrument that describes the pitch and timbre. A second sentence should describe the style (classical, folk, popular) of the music in the video as best as you can. You should have a total of 8 sentences.

20 pts - Students refer to each instrument by name (not by video #1, #2)
20 pts - Students comment on pitch of different instruments.
20 pts - Students correctly comment on the timbre of different instruments.
20 pts - Students correctly describe the style of the music being played by each instrument.
20 pts - Students used correct grammar and spelling.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Monday, September 17 for full credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the right, here are the URL's for the videos:

Have a great day!

-Mr. Ward


Shahari said...

These four instruments are light, bright, focus and piercing. I believe the oboe creates the highest sound. Also it is very loud and it didn't sound like it had any vibrato. The bassoon creates the lowest sound. It was kind of heavy and a little dark and it had a lot of vibrato. The clarinet was smooth and had a high pitch. It was also calm and had a steady beat. The flute had no vibrato and it was light and clear.

Robyn Flynn said...

The beatboxing flute was breathy , punchy and the pitch varied at points. The style seemed folk and classical. The oboe was piercing but light, its pitch was high. Its style was also classical.
The clarinet had a high and low pitch , and was light and bright. I would describe its style as classical. The bassoon had a strong vibrato and was mellow , its pitch was low. I would describe the style as classical also.

Tyree Wooding., said...

The flute is bright,light,clear,no vibrato.It also has a high pitch.The style is classical.The oboe is light,clear,bright,and mellow.The pitch is high.The style is folk.The clarinet is light,bright,breathy, and clear.The pitch is high.The style is classical.The bassoon is breathy, warm,and light.The pitch is light.The style is classical.The flute has the highest sound. The bassoon has the lowest sound.

Charmaine Dortch said...

The flute has a high pitch, and a timbre of lght, bright, and nasel. The flute is also a popular style. Oboe instrument has a low pitch, and rough, bumpy, screatchy, dark timbre. I would consider the Oboe a folk style. The clarinet has a high pitch, and a timbre of light, bright, smooth, and nasel. The clarinet is more of a classical style. A basson has a low pitch, and smooth, deep, heavy, and bumpy. Classical would be a perfect style for the basson.

LaDonna Dail said...

The Flute was light, bright, clear,and piercing. The style of the music is classical. The Oboe is light, bright, and warm. The style is popular. The clarinet was light, bright and resonant. It has a strong vibrato and the style is popular. The Bassoon was dark. and mellow. There was a lot of vibrato and the style was classical.

Tyree Wooding said...

The Violin is mellow, warm, harsh, and light. The pitch is high. The Viola is light, bright, and clear. The pitch is high. The String Bass is heavy, dark, warm, and mellow. The pitch is low. The Cello is light, bright, and mellow. The pitch is high. They are different because they are all have a different way of being played.

Robyn Flynn said...

The violin was different because its a classical instrument but wasnt used for classical music in the video. The style was popular. The viola's music was depressing like it was meant for a funeral. Its style was classical. The cello's music sounded similar to Bobby McFerrin when he was making noises. I think its style was traditional. The string bass was lower than the other instruments and its vibrato was clearer. Its style was classical.

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