Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hello music appreciators!

For your blog this week, you will listen to the three versions of "Yesterday" that are on the right.
As you listen, think about how the interpretations and arrangements are similar and how they are different.

In paragraph one, write about specific ways (instruments, dynamics, tempo, mood, etc.) that the three versions are similar and different.

In paragraph two, explain which version you like the best, and explain WHY you like it the best. Be specific in your reasoning of why you prefer one version over the rest.

20 pts. When referring to the different examples, the student uses the names of the musicians (not video 1, 2 3)
20 pts. The student has written one paragraph that has 3 to 5 sentences that describe how the different arrangements are similar and different.
20 pts. The students has written a second paragraph that has 3 to 5 sentences that explains clearly which version is liked more, and the student includes clear reasoning.
20 pts. By the way the student discusses the music, it is clear that they listened to each entire video.
20 pts. The student used excellent grammar and spelling in their comments.

Be sure to comment on this blog post by Monday, October 1 to receive credit for your blog.

If you are not able to open the videos, here are the URL's:
Paul McCartney (the Beatles) - http://youtu.be/ONXp-vpE9eU
Boyz II Men - http://youtu.be/C6J50Pjd9jA
Marvin Gaye: - http://youtu.be/_VSlNyGpvDQ


Shahari said...

They are the same because the title of the song is the same. Also the lyrics are the same.They are different because each of them have different beats and rhythms.
I liked Marvin Gaye's version the best. I liked this version the best because it was calm and smoother than the other ones. Also it seemed kind of newer and upbeat than the other two versions.

Robyn Flynn said...

"Yesterday" sang by Paul McCartney only uses an acoustic guitar and his voice. The mood is sad and the tempo is slow. The dynamics were low."Yesterday" performed by Boyz 2 Men only used their voices. Its mood was also sad with a slow tempo. The dynamics were low and high. "Yesterday" sang by Marvin Gaye used a guitar, drums and a synthesizer. It sounded less sad than the other versions of "Yesterday". It had a slow tempo too.
I think "Yesterday" sang by Paul McCartney was the best because it was the original. I also think it was the best because it was simple using only his voice and a guitar. Nothing extra was added and the song sounded great when sang by him.

Charmiane Dortch said...

"Yesterday" by paul McCartney of the beatles had an emotionaless moood and the eletric guiltar as a instrument, and also was their differences. Boyz II Men "Yesterday" had a sad and regretful mood and there intruments were voices, sung in acopella, dynamics were slow, and also the tempo was slow. "Yesterday" by Marvin Gaye had a relief type moood, drums and bass guiltar as instruments and thoes were their differences. The Beatles and Marvin Gaye had two things in common, medium dynamics and meduim tempo.
I like the third version better by Boyz II Men because of the harmany and the no instrumental style. They trust in there voice for instruments, which is really brave. Also its much slower and understandable then The Beatles because it didnt really mean anything once Paul McCartney sang it was meaningless.

Mikia Harmon said...

The three "Yesterday" videos were very similar in many ways.Each version of "Yesterday" had a slow tempo. The Paul McCartney version was sung as a solo, and used only one instrument and his voice. The Boyz II Men version of "Yesterday" was sang in harmony with more than one person. They didn't use any instruments, and their only instruments were their voices. The last version of "Yesterday" by Marvin Gaye was sang by Marvin only, and he only seemed to use one instrument. Each one of the songs had the same mood; tranquil, and peaceful.

Tyree Wooding said...

All the videos are similar because the moods are sad. The instruments are voice and guitar. The dynamics are low. Paul and The Men II tempos are slow. But Marvin's is medium.

I like Marvin Gaye's best. I like his best because he sped the tempo up. He actually made it seem like a real song. I could also understand the words he was singing.

LaDonna Dail said...

In the video by Paul McCartney, There was only one instrument used. He seemed sad. The tempo was medium. In the video by Boyz To Men, Their voices were very soft. They didn't use any instruments and it was polyphonic. In the video by Marvin Gaye, he used a guitar, drums and an electric guitar. He seemed sad.
I like the version by Boyz to Men better because it sounded better. They improvised and found a way to change the music around. It didn't seem so sad and they didn't sing so fast.

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