Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mozart Extra Credit Blog

Hello Music Appreciators!

This week, you'll listen to just one video of an orchestra playing the music of Mozart.  On this extra credit blog, you are able to earn up to 50 points!  This cannot hurt your grade; it can only make it better!  Aim for the full fifty points.

Write a well-put together paragraph that describes the characterisitics that you hear and see to prove that this piece does fit in the Classical period. Refer to your Classical characteristics notes as you answer. You should have at least 5 reasons for why the piece is a Classical one. Remember, all of the characteristics in your notes might not fit for this piece, so listen to the entire piece and make sure you pick the ones that are most relevant.

15 points - You wrote a nice paragraph - at least 5 sentences
10 points - You used at least five characteristics to prove that this piece is a Classical piece.
15 points - You show that you understand all of the characteristics that you mention, and they are truly applicable to the piece in the video.
10 points - You used excellent grammar in your writing.

Please turn in by Monday, October 8 to earn extra credit.

Here is the URL, if the video above is not working correctly:


-Mr. Ward

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Charmaine Dortch said...

In Mozart Symphony No. 41 video I pointed out five different things that makes this symphony classical. The instruments in the symphony is mostly strings which is an important selection in classical style music. The video also have woodwind and brass instruments. The cadences are well heard in the beginning of the symphony, but have very short pauses. It was very clear that it had a homophonic texture because one melody constantly played just with harmony to surround it, and cause the symphony to sound differently. Most classical style music had a meter of 3 and 4, but Mozart always played in 4.

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