Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Barber of Seville (Opera Blog 1)

Hello class,

This week, you will listen to two videos to the right. They are each different arias from The Barber of Seville. When you discuss the videos, please refer to them as "Figaro's Aria" and "Io sono docile," or you may refer to the singer (Pietro Spagnoli or Kathleen Battle ).

Write one paragraph about Figaro's Aria, and another about Rosina's aria. In each paragraph, explain how the words/stories are displayed in the way that the singers (Kathleen Battle and Pietro Spagnoli) act and sing.  Be sure to watch each entire video.  The video of "Figaro's Aria" begins with some recitative from some other characters.  Wait until Figaro is on the scene to start to comment. Below, you can find the translations of the two songs, the rubric, and a link to both arias on YouTube.

Figaro's Aria (Largo al factotum della citta) Translation:

Make way for the factotum of the city, Hurrying to his shop since dawn is already here. Ah, what a fine life, what fine pleasureFor a barber of quality!
Ah, bravo Figaro! Bravo, bravissimo! A most fortunate man indeed! Ready to do everything Night and day, Always on the move. A cushier fate for a barber, A more noble life, is not to be had.
Razors and combs, Lancets and scissors, At my command Everything's there. Here are the tools Of my trade With the ladies...with the gentlemen...
Everyone asks for me, everyone wants me, Ladies, young lads, old men, young girls: Here is the wig...the beard is ready...Here are the leeches...The note is ready...Here is the wig, the beard is ready, The note is ready, hey!
Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!, etc. Ah, what frenzy! Ah, what a crowd! One at a time, please! Hey, Figaro! I'm here. Figaro here, Figaro there, Figaro up, Figaro down,
Swifter and swifter, I'm like a thunderbolt: I'm the factotum of the city. Ah, bravo Figaro! Bravo, bravissimo, You'll never lack for luck!

Rosina's Aria ("Io sono docile") Translation:

I am docile, I am respectful, I am obedient, sweet, loveable
I am held down, I will take control, But if they hold me back where I have a partiality
If I’m thwarted, I will be a viper and have a hundred tricks
Before giving up I will make fools of them. Yes, yes, I will win him. If I at least will be allowed to have the chance.


20 pts. You submitted a blog comment!
30 pts. You described the acting and singing in Figaro's aria in a paragraph (3-5 sentences)
30 pts. You described the acting and singing in Rosina's aria in a second paragraph (3-5 sentences)
20 pts. You used good grammar and spelling when writing.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Monday, October 22 for full credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the right, here are the URL's for the videos:
Figaro's Aria (sung by Pietro Spagnoli) - http://youtu.be/k9ZddMufCxk
Rosina's Aria (sung by Kathleen Battle) - http://youtu.be/B8LFUDwZhvQ


Mikia Harmon said...

In Figaros auria, you could tell exactly what Figaro was singing about through the acting, and motions. Figaro was almost boasting about what a great barber he was. He would raise his hands with his fists balled singing in a loud and strong tone, "Figaro! Figaro!". This is how the acting and singing intertwined and showed how Figaro felt about himself.

In lo sono docile, Kathleen Battle did amazing acting, and portrayed her character (Rosina) well. In this song, Rosina was also almost bragging about what a wonderful woman she was, "I am docile, I am respectful, I am obedient..." etc. She seemed very elegant and a bit mischievous in the video. This was probably the part in the song where she explained "[...]But if they hold me back where I have a partiality If I'm thwarted, I will be a viper and have a hundred tricks Before giving up I will make fools of them[...]".

Both videos were amazing, and quite similar to the operas we're watching in class.

Robyn Flynn said...

Figaro's aria is congradulating Figaro. It is explaining how much everyone appreciates him and how amazingly talented he is. His singing is loud and strong which shows how proud he is of himself and his accomplishments. His singing is also very boastful, displaying what he thinks of himself in the story.
Rosina's aria is listing the reasons why she should win the man she loves. The story is told through the way she signs and acts. Her singing is loud and strong displaying her coinfidence that she will win the man of her dreams given the chance to. Her acting shows how much she cares about the man, she dances happily on the stage smiling because she believes she has a chance with him.

Charmaine Dortch said...

In Figaro's Aria when Figaro introduces himself the village act as if their less interested in him. When people realize it is actually Figaro they run with excitement. When Figaro was singing about how everyone wants him it was, smooth, clear, and light.
In Lo Scno Docile, Kathleen's voice is sweet and high one minute, but heavy and strong the next. When she sings about how they won't stop her, her voice is really heavy and peirced. She acts out every view point, when she was complmmitting herself as sweet she would bat her eyes.When saying that the people cant stop her this time she acted with braveness and putt her foot down.

LaDonna Dail said...

In "Figaro's Aria" He looks as if he is boasting on something. He shows it by the way he walks around the room. He picks up things and shows them around to other people. When the words drag, it shows that he's talking about himself.
In "lo sono docile" she shows that she is happy by smiling a lot while singing. She isn't so intense. She touches her face a lot and leans back like she's in love.

Shahari Scott said...

In Figaro's Aria the music seemed calmed but worried. I thought that they were trying to figure out a situation.It begin with recitative but toward the middle it was aria. The characters were on track and knew there parts.
In lo sono docile the music sounded as if the lady was in a rush and was trying to hide something.The actor was focused and on task at all times. It sounded like it was recitative and like a duet.

Tyree Wooding said...

The words are displayed by the important things higher and minor things low. The singer was singing high and excited. The singer sung loud when he brought something up about Figaro's barber shop. The singer was basicly encouraging the people to attend Figaro's barber shop. The singer was to produce costumers for Figaro's barber.

Lo Sono Docile
The singer in this piece is trying to prove a point that she is lovable. The singer sings loudly so her point comes across faster. The singer is in love with someone. The singer describes herself so the man she loves will look forward to dating her. The singer is confident that she will have this man she loves.

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