Saturday, November 3, 2012

Opera Critique Blog

Hello Opera Singers!

This week, you will watch your opera video and then comment on your individual performance.  You may watch both operas, but you are only required to watch the one that you are in.  You should write two paragraphs in your comment:

Paragraph one should comment on your singing.  How well did you sing?  Were there moments when your singing sounded more like talking?  Did you use a full voice?  Could you always understand your words?  Did you sing with vibrato?

Paragraph two should comment on your acting.  Did you stay in character always?  Did you always face the audience?  Name some ways that your acting helped to tell the story in your paragraph.

20 pts. You submitted a blog comment!
30 pts. You critiqued your singing in the first paragraph.  You answered at least three of the questions above. (3-5 sentences)
30 pts. You critiqued your acting in the second paragraph.  You answered the questions and told how your acting helped to tell the story. (3-5 sentences)
20 pts. You used good grammar and spelling when writing.

Please write and submit your post for this assignment by Wednesday, November 7 for full credit.

In case you can't watch the videos to the right, here are the URL's for the videos:
Little Red Riding Hood -
Hansel and Gretel -

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